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Hope for Recovery from Concussions

I’m sure you know someone who has suffered from a concussion at some point in time. Concussions are unfortunately relatively common, with an estimated 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occurring each year in the United States.

How and Why Gluten Wreaks Havoc on our Bodies

Why is gluten such a problem now??
To put it simply, we’re no longer eating the wheat that our parents ate.   (more…)

The Hypothyroid Series Part 3: the Relationship Between Insulin and Thyroid Function

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How Can Acupuncture Treatments Help Alleviate Common Winter Illnesses?

Sniffling, sneezing, aching muscles and headaches… does this sound familiar to you? Unfortunately winter isn’t all about sleigh rides and ski trips and with cold winter weather comes a variety of illnesses that can really put a damper on the season. The next time you’re feeling run down by winter ailments consider regular acupuncture to help alleviate, treat and prevent these illnesses.

Why Choose Acupuncture?
Acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years to cure a broad range of afflictions and today, many believe it to be one of the oldest and most long-standing healing methods in the modern world. Acupuncture has been known to naturally treat a variety of disorders ranging from headaches, insomnia and cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, to digestive issues, athletic injuries, skin conditions and weight control. Regular acupuncture treatments can help identify weakness in the immune system and target areas that need to be addressed. And the stronger your immune system is, the faster you can fight off and recover from illnesses when they happen!
Strengthen Your Immune System
With today’s busy lifestyle of go, go, go our immune systems are being challenged more than ever. Long work days, hectic home lives, excess stress and poor eating habits take a toll on your body so it’s no wonder recurrent colds, flus, chronic fatigue and seasonal illness are on the rise. We all know there are many strategies we can use to strengthen our immune system and improve our overall health. Healthy food choices, daily physical activity, adequate rest and healthy living habits all contribute to keeping the body in optimal working order but even when doing all we can, cold and flu germs still seem to find us. This is where acupuncture fits in. When incorporated into your toolkit of healthy living strategies, regular acupuncture treatments can give your immune system a boost and add that extra armor to fight off and prevent illness that often plague us during the winter months.
Acupuncture and Winter Illness
It is proven that regular acupuncture treatments and prevention and treatment of colds and flu. Acupuncture elevates the body’s immune-enhancing hormones and blood counts, thereby enabling the immune system to fight off colds, reduce aches and pains, decrease inflammation and increase energy levels.
The concept behind Chinese Medicine is that “Chi”, or the body’s flowing energy, can become stagnant. If Chi is not flowing smoothly or becomes sluggish, the body is more prone to illness. After the location of Chi breakdowns are identified, acupuncture treatments will be customized to achieve individual health goals.
Regular acupuncture treatments are extremely effective in providing immediate relief and preventing winter illnesses such as the common cold and flu for people of any age. Acupuncture accelerates the healing process and alleviates symptoms while strengthening the immune system. When incorporated into a healthy living protocol, this natural treatment will help you enjoy your winter season without the unpleasantness that comes with common winter illnesses.

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