Acupuncture Has Totally Changed the Game For Me

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I just wanted to share this quick, for those of you struggling with sickness in pregnancy. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant with baby #3. With 1 & 2 I struggled through HG and honestly wished my babies away. It was awful. With my son (#2) I lost 33lbs between 6-12 weeks pregnant, and I looked like death when the vomiting finally stopped. I went on to have a successful home birth, but promised myself if I ever got pregnant again I would do things totally different. After 18 months of trying to get pregnant (with him), I went for my first round of acupuncture and 3 weeks later I was pregnant. Acupuncture DEFINITELY works for me. So when we found out I was pregnant this time, I immediately jumped into weekly acupuncture. I was feeling gross, but no vomiting. I could still function and parent my other 2 kids. Around 8 weeks I missed my appointment, and the following night, I puked. The day after was 5x. By the time I got in for an appointment 6 days later I was up to 15x a day, and already down 7lbs. Went in for a treatment, and nothing for 3 days. Fast forward to today, 13 weeks, and HOPING I am at the end of puke fest, but I can honestly say I only survived because of acupuncture. This hasn’t been an easy trimester (it rarely is for anyone!) I still vomit every once in awhile, but I am in shock that I am not in the hospital. Acupuncture has totally changed the game for me. If you’re in the Edmonton area, I highly recommend Cecil at Whole Family Health. I don’t know how he does it, but the guy is a friggen wizard. Hopefully this can help another struggling mama!

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