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Thank you

Catherine is very friendly, helpful, kind, and caring. Thank you for your help.

Improvement with my overall health

I reached out to Catherine for fertility acupuncture. Catherine has such a soothing voice and peaceful energy to her. Within a few treatments I started to notice an improvement with my overall health. Better sleeps, regular bowel movements, improved circulation, and most of all my menstruation cycles basically became symptom free. I hadn’t experienced this before and felt it was important to share my experience with acupuncture because there isn’t a lot of conversation around that. For anyone looking to improve their overall health I highly recommend acupuncture.

Update: I got pregnant within 1 month of “trying”. I didn’t expect that to happen to quickly, but I highly recommend acupuncture for anyone trying to conceive!

Beyond Thankful

If you are looking for the best acupuncturist for fertility, look no further. Christina is the person you should be going to and you will absolutely love her passion, care, and work integrity. I have been struggling with recurring polyps and for almost three years, I went through 2 surgeries to get them removed, but unfortunately, it ended in countless disappointments with negative pregnancy tests. Just when I was devastated that the doctors told me my polyps returned and that I needed another surgery + IVF given my polyp’s rate of growth, Christina gave me hope. Christina is realistic, empathetic, and a gentle guidance that’s there to nudge you to go a little further when you are feeling defeated. 2 months into my acupuncture session with her, I found out that we’re expecting a baby. I am beyond thankful for Christina’s support and her knowledge in the fertility field. She is truly an intelligent guide who cares about the well-being of her patients. This is rare to find in an individual and you’ll be lucky to have her on your fertility journey.

Attentive with clarity & understanding

Overall my experience with Whole Family Health and specifically Christina Pistotnik has been amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone on the fence about seeking out support. More details below if you’re interested… I first contacted Whole Family Health with hopes they could help me with fertility. I was connected with Christina and started with virtual appointments due to COVID (May 2020). Christina answered my questions with clarity and understanding, she followed up with an email helping me know what to expect in the upcoming weeks/months. After starting acupuncture with her in June 2020, I would contact her with questions around my menstrual cycle and how to interpret doctors notes or test results. Trying to conceive was frustrating and confusing for the first year. Once I connected with Christina it was much easier. She is always prompt to reply to emails between appointments. At appointments she listens attentively and answers all questions clearly. She truly made our journey to conception so much easier. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to follow her suggestions for herbal supplements and acupuncture. I continued to ask questions and use her support and guidance to help. There are so many new things throughout pregnancy, it is so helpful knowing you have someone so knowledgeable and professional in your former. As I went into labour I knew I was as prepared as I could be with the pointers and information from our sessions leading up. Now with my newborn I continue to know I have Whole Family Health to turn to with any questions that arise.

Amazing care and real results

Best place for acupuncture in Edmonton. Christina takes amazing care and consideration, she explains what she is doing and why, and there are almost immediate and real results!!

Knowledgeable and truly caring

Catherine is amazing and knowledgable. I feel like she truly cares about my health and is invested in my healing.

Identical twin girls

Alda, I am writing to let you know that last week, I gave birth to identical twin girls. Thank you so much for caring for me. I learned so much from you and am certain that the changes that I made to align with your advice helped me reach this point. It has been a long and challenging journey and my husband and I are so thrilled to now be parents to these lovely girls.

Thank you, from a now rested mom!

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Kelsey! She’s a magic worker on both of my kids. They were so cranky before acupuncture and within hours we saw a difference in both of them. By the time we made the drive home, they were both happy, had bowel movements and slept a 12-hour night!
Thank you so much Kelsey for having a sweet and fun approach and being so great with the kids. They both adore you!
Thank you once again, from a now rested mom 🙂

Taking Care of Clients

I love this place. They take care of their clients and patients very carefully.
I have had massage from about 5 different places but never satisfied but at Whole Family I always have very pleasant time. Natasha is great massage therapist.
I needed prenatal massage she knew what pressure areas were tensed without me telling her. My body feels very relaxed. They are good with the timing.
Alda and Christina are great acupuncturist.
I had issues with fertility but with few fertility acupuncture treatments I was able to conceive and I am due any day now. I will highly recommend this place. I love this place I will coming again again for any treatments


I really appreciate having you as my acupuncturist since 2015. Since then, I conquered my fear of needles with your help!

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