Three Month Yoga Challenge

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Test yourself with our Three Month Yoga Challenge.
The team at Whole Family Health wants to show you all we have to offer. We want you to experience everything from yoga to massage to acupuncture. Sign up for two 6 week Yoga sessions and receive any treatment of your choice for $50.

Also being offered for a limited time are Reiki/Massage packages. Come get treated by Kortney & Devon.

Sign up now so that we may send you on your journey to health, balance and wholeness. Contact us for more information 780-756-7736.

Fertility Yoga can aid in conception by helping to reduce stress through pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and through conscious movement. It also helps increase blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organs, relieves nerve compression, and detoxifies the organs for optimal performance and hormone balance. When incorporate Yin yoga into your practice, yoga will complement the energy work currently being done with your acupuncturists at Whole Family Health.

Pre-Natal Yoga is recommended throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Yoga helps open and stretch the physical body and the internal organs as the body begins to change to make room for your baby. Prenatal yoga is a safe way to relieve compression and tension in the shoulders, low back, and hips as well as aid in circulation of body fluids.

Mom & Baby Yoga : This class is great way for mom and baby to bond while moms still get a nice gentle yoga practice to help stretch tight tired muscles. This class is a combination of gentle yoga postures for moms as well as poses to incorporate movement with the baby. Babies will also receive a little yoga practice special designed for their baby needs creating a bit of mobility, interaction with mom, and a wee massage to reward them for their participation.

Sunrise Hatha : Hatha Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga postures that are sequenced together to provide openness and flexibility within the physical body. During the practice of hatha yoga we focus on the breath, the alignment of the body and maintaining the mind in a state of awareness. It is in the practice of Hatha yoga that we begin to create space within our bodies so that we are able to breath deeper, to move prana (energy), and dissolve physically tension.

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