What Yoga Class is Right For Me?

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With all the different brands of Edmonton yoga classes being advertised today, it can be hard to know which one is the right class for you. At Whole Family Health, we try to offer a variety of classes to meet the diverse needs of our clients while still maintaining our vision of providing a holistic approach to healing and maintaining health within the body.

Here is a quick summary of our classes to help you choose the right class for you:

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga postures that are sequenced together to provide openness, flexibility, and strength within the physical body. We focus on the breath, the alignment of the body and maintaining the mind in a state of awareness as we move through the practice. It is through the movements in this class that we begin to create space within our bodies so that we are able to breathe deeper, to move prana (energy), and dissolve physically tension. This class is best for people who are looking for a class that has more movement. Although this class can be challenging, it also can be gentle if you choose to not go as deep into the poses, therefore this class is suitable for people at all stages and experience.

Yin Yoga
In the practice of Yin Yoga our focus is on softening our muscles so that we can begin to stretch and open our connective tissues. Yin teaches us to find comfort in the stillness as we hold these seated postures for a longer duration of time than we would in a hatha practice. Yin’s focus is on the joints and the tissues that support those joints, so the yin practice is a great for those recovering from injuries or for those who have lost the full mobility in parts of their body (particularly shoulders, low back, hips, and knees). This practice is safe and gentle as it restores the body by slowly opening and stretching those areas of resistance, removing blockages and stagnate energy.

Optimizing Your Fertility Yoga
Yoga can aid in conception by helping to reduce stress through pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and through conscious movement. It helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organs, relieve nerve compression, and detoxifies the organs for optimal performance and hormone balance. Our Optimizing Your Fertility Yoga class is a 12 week program separated into two parts that are each 6 weeks. Our goal is to provide an education component to these classes to help you learn simple tricks to help optimize your fertility as well as provide balance to the body as we explore a variety of forms of yoga such as hatha, yin, and restorative yoga. This class is a great way to complement the work you are doing with your other holistic and healthcare practitioners.

Pre-Natal Yoga
Through pregnancy the body goes through major changes in a short period of time to help compensate for the life growing within you. Yoga helps with these changes as it stretches, lengthens and releases those areas in the body that experience the most demand during the entire nine months. It helps to reduce the pain in the shoulders, lower back (including Sciatica), hips, and legs as well as helps in preparing your body for birth. At Whole Family Health, we offer two classes to our pre-natal students – 1st & 2nd Trimester Pre-natal yoga and 3rd Trimester Pre-natal yoga. These classes are designed to fit the needs and shifts within the body as you progress through your pregnancy.

Mom & Baby Yoga
This class is great way for mom and baby to bond while moms still get a nice gentle yoga practice to help stretch tight tired muscles. This class is a combination of gentle yoga postures for moms as well as poses to incorporate movement with the baby. Babies will also receive a little yoga practice special designed for their baby needs creating a bit of mobility, interaction with mom, and a wee massage to reward them for their participation.

Postnatal Recovery Yoga
This class has been specially designed to go deeper into the healing and recovery process for women after delivery. It specifically targets the tissues in the body that need extra focus from being over stretch during the last trimester of pregnancy and during delivery. The focus of this class will be strengthening the pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, and lower back as well providing release to the shoulders, neck and chest. This class is intended for mom’s to come alone without their baby so that their full attention can be on being present in their own body. This class is great for women to spend time learning about their body and their recovery process.

All of our yoga classes are suitable to meet the needs of people at any stage/level in their yoga practice. If you have specific concerns or injuries that you would like to discuss with us before attending one of our classes, please feel free to call or email us. We are also interested in hearing from you with any comments on classes that you would like to see on the schedule or different times for classes. Please send all feedback to info@www.wholefamilyhealth.ca.

Hope to see you all on the mat very soon! Contact us for more information on our yoga classes or our Edmonton acupuncturists.

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