Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

MBSR is an 8-week, once weekly, group program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and associates at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. It is now an internationally acclaimed program with a growing body of research supporting its psycho-physiological benefits. 

It has become a standard in studies researching the benefits of Mindfulness, including (but not limited to) reduction of inflammation and stress, increase in immunity, and improvement of fertility. 

Mindfulness actually rewires the brain and strengthens the neural pathways for resilience. It helps us to be less reactive to stressors, to manage and recover more quickly from stress, and to decrease the negative impacts of chronic stress on our bodies. 

Ongoing research also continuously shows that this program leads to functional and structural changes in the brain, associated with improved focus, concentration, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Through practical training in mindfulness, cognitive behavioural and self-regulation skills, participants learn to cultivate a different relationship with stress and to develop skillful and healthy strategies in response to challenging situations. 


Program Structure

The program consists of:

  • an orientation
  • eight weekly (2½ hour) classes
  • a 6-hour Day of Mindfulness Retreat between weeks six and seven


For optimal benefit, this program requires participants to follow daily home practice assignments, designed to assist in the development of an effective, nourishing, and sustainable meditation practice.


Classes include presentations of information and experiential learning through:

  • a variety of guided meditation practices
  • mindful movement exercises (with optional modifications for safety)
  • discussion of the challenges, benefits, and strategies for developing a mindfulness practice in daily life


See All Upcoming Mindfulness Programs Below

1. Online Mindfulness for Primary Infertility

Online MBSR for Primary Infertility

This program follows the 8-week MBSR curriculum, and has been adapted to those dealing with fertility challenges.

Many people who are dealing with fertility challenges and/ or pregnancy loss can feel a wide range of complex emotions including anxiety, grief, guilt, failure & loss of control.

There are proven benefits for programs that support understanding & normalizing these difficult emotions associated with disruptions to the reproductive story.


This program is for those who are struggling with primary infertility (trying to conceive your first child).

We welcome new or long-time practitioners, single people or couples, as well as all genders & gender expressions.

SPRING 2023 PROGRAMS  with Stephanie Curran

8 Weekly classes:
Friday, May 5   |    5 – 7 pm MT
Mondays, May 8 – June 19   |   5 – 7pm MT
Mindfulness Retreat:
Saturday June 3   |   10am – 2pm MT
Registration deadline: Friday, May 5


$100 deposit to confirm your registration  (non-refundable after course begins).
The remaining fee is paid at the completion of the 8-week program:

Sliding scale at the end of the program:
$195 (partial scholarship #1)
$350 (partial scholarship #2)
$450 (sustainable fee)
$550 (helps to support others utilizing scholarships)

Please pay to the highest amount you are able to help support the sustainability of this 26-hour offering.

*Payment plans with instalments and further scholarships are available to anyone in need, please contact us.  

All are welcome and no one will be turned away due to financial concerns.


For more information or to register go to:


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