Massage Therapy

Manage, treat, and prevent pain and stress with massage therapy. We specialize in prenatal massage and induction massage. Our Registered massage therapists use massage to treat and prevent injuries to your soft tissues and joints. Massage therapy also helps you manage stress and stress-related issues.

Massage is for everyone. From babies to elderly, men and women at any stage of their life can improve their health and fully benefit from the addition of massage therapy to their lifestyle.

Our Registered Massage therapists treat a broad range of health issues including:

• Acute pain
• Chronic pain
• Headaches/migraines
• Arthritis
• Tendinitis
• Sports injury/sport enhancing treatments
• Prenatal care (entire gestation period)
• Postnatal care
• Common pediatric ailments
• Swelling/edema

At Whole Family Health, your RMT takes the time to get to know you,
developing a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs and help
you achieve your health goals.

Acute and Chronic Pain

Generally with acute injuries our first goal is to reduce any inflammation that is present by using a treatment called Manual Lymphatic Drainage. After all signs of inflammation are diminished, our therapist then works with the soft tissues to reduce adhesions, improving circulation to the injured and surrounding muscle tissues, and to improve range of motion.

Stress Reduction

Massage therapy is also effective in reducing stress. It helps improve total body function and decreases the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that takes a toll on immune functioning.

Hot stone massage involves the use of water treated stones. This treatment helps alleviate stress and anxiety, and it also reduces pain.

Fertility Health

Massage therapy can help increase the chance of conception by reducing stress, improving circulation to the uterus or male sex organs, and reducing any adhesions that could be problematic in the fertility process. The general recommendation for fertility massage treatments is to come at least once a month, 6-8 days prior to ovulation, but with the consultation process the therapist will set you up with a program catered to your specific needs.

Prenatal Massage

Massage throughout the 40-week gestational period is a safe, effective way to encourage a healthy pregnancy. It helps women to relieve morning sickness, sinus congestion, breast tenderness, leg cramps, edema/swelling, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, sciatica, varicose veins, abdominal pressure, anemia, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome/thoracic outlet syndrome and numbness.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is recommended within the first week of delivery and beyond. It helps to rehabilitate the strain that occurred during the gestational period, reduces inflammation, helps with relieving mastitis, improves milk supply, and helps new mothers (and fathers) manage post partum depression. It will also treat issues that are common to new moms such as back pain, headaches, and sciatic pain.

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