Massage Therapy For Stress & Headaches

Posted on
January 11, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Did you know that massage therapy is about so much more than relaxing muscles? How Massage Therapy Works Massage activates arterial and venous blood flow in the lymphatic system and in the connective tissue and muscles. It also increases circulation and helps to correct postural stress from long periods of sitting. This can be especially… Read more »

Mindfulness For Thought Wormholes

Posted on
January 10, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

” We have more possibilities in each moment than we realize.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh A study suggests we have more than 6000 thoughts a day, many of which are ‘thought worms’ – moments focused on a specific idea.  On my own fertility journey, my thoughts were dominated by anxiety & worry about how, when or IF I… Read more »

Thanks For Your Continued Support!

Posted on
December 6, 2021 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Many small businesses have had to pivot and respond to the changing landscape throughout the pandemic. We have felt the negative impacts of the pandemic and we are grateful for your ongoing support. Here are some ways you can continue showing your support: 1. Book in (& use up your benefits in the coming weeks before the… Read more »

Stress-Free Clinic for Frontline Healthcare & Support Workers

Posted on
November 28, 2021 by Dr. Alda Ngo

As the holiday season unfolds, we want to take the opportunity to acknowledge, support & offer gratitude for the hard work & stress that frontline healthcare & support workers have had to endure throughout the pandemic. On December 19th, Whole Family Health is honoured to be teaming up with the Mindfulness Institute to offer a… Read more »

December Menstrual Product Drive: Taking a Stand Against Period Poverty

Posted on
November 21, 2021 by Kassidy Finch

Whole Family Health is proud to support No Period Without, a local non-profit organization founded in 2017 that advocates to end period poverty in Edmonton. We are partnering with No Period Without for the month of December, as their drop-off location for menstrual product donations. Throughout the month of December, we are welcoming donations of… Read more »

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