Whole Family on CBC Radio

Posted on
April 28, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Listen to Whole Family Health’s Dr. Alda Ngo and Dr. Caitlin Dunne from PCRM speaking to Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2022. From CBC RadioActive: This Saturday, a virtual event is taking place to help those struggling to have children. Dr. Caitlin Dunne is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and Co-Director of the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine,… Read more »

Devonee’s Story

Posted on
by Dr. Alda Ngo

In honour of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2022, Whole Family Health friend and client shares her fertility story – 5 years in to her fertility journey she is still navigating with grace. Thank you so much to Devonee, our sweet, courageous and generous #1in6 friend, for sharing your fertility journey and heart in honour of… Read more »

Light Canada Green!

Posted on
April 23, 2022 by Dr. Alda Ngo

Wednesday, April 27th830pm The Whole Family Health Team will be joining the Fertility Matters Canada Lighting Canada Green initiative. On Wednesday, April 27th, 30+ landmarks across Canada will be lighting GREEN to honour the journeys of the #1in6 Canadians who are faced with infertility struggles and who may need to access fertility care. In Canada, we wear… Read more »

The Research On Acupuncture For IVF

Posted on
April 22, 2022 by Christina Pistotnik

Acupuncture has become a commonly sought out resource for people going through IVF fertility treatment. When you see a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner for fertility support, they take more into account than just your reproductive organs. Your practitioner looks at your whole body and how the interconnected systems may be out of balance to support… Read more »

It Takes Two: Sperm-Related Infertility

Posted on
April 6, 2022 by Kassidy Finch

When it comes to enhancing fertility, it is so important for both partners to be involved in the process of optimizing their overall health. Often we only see one partner at our clinic seeking specialized care in order to optimize their fertility. However, optimal fertility takes more than just one person. Statistically, sperm-related infertility contributes… Read more »

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