Nutty Chicken Stew Recipe

Posted on
January 24, 2020 by Catherine Woodlock

It’s still January, which means it’s still national soup month!  In the winter months, we encourage our patients to eat warm soups and stews because they are more easily metabolized and processed by our digestive systems. The cooking processes involved in creating soups and stews can be likened to pre-digestion. The longer cooking times enable… Read more »

Catherine’s 4-Step Bone Broth Recipe

Posted on
January 18, 2020 by Catherine Woodlock

Happy National Soup Month! In honour of National Soup Month, I am excited to share my bone broth recipe with you! Bone broth is an incredibly nourishing substance and can be used as a base to enrich your soups with both a lovely punch of micronutrients and flavour, as a super nutritious elixir, or to… Read more »

How To Stop Our Horse-Powered Minds

Posted on
January 14, 2020 by Dr. Alda Ngo

What To Do How To Be In The New Year The new year brings opportunity for beginning anew. It’s a returning, where ending meets beginning and we have a chance to take inventory on what has come to pass. We can examine what has worked and what has not worked. We can reflect on what… Read more »

Acupuncture For Stress & Sperm

Posted on
December 18, 2019 by Kelsey Shaw

We all know what a negative toll stress can take on our bodies. But what about when we add a little more stress to the scenario? For all my TTCvers, that fertility window isn’t always the ‘Let’s jump each other’s bones’ time. It sometimes feels scheduled and can be a stressful time period for both… Read more »

The Wonders of Black Garlic

Posted on
December 16, 2019 by Christina Pistotnik

Did you know that black garlic is regular white garlic that has been fermented? If you have never tried black garlic, then you should definitely add this to your list of foods to try! It has a sweet flavor compared to regular garlic and has 1/3 of the odor! The truly amazing thing is that… Read more »

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