Acupuncture on-site at Alberta Reproductive Center (ARC)

Dr. Alda is the sweetest and most awesome acupuncturist! She is so kind and welcoming and takes great care of you. I am so glad she was a part of my transfer day, having acupuncture on-site before and after is something all fertility clinics should offer! I am so honoured that she was able to be here on our special day.

- Lizel L.G.

Welcoming and caring

Whole family is so welcoming. They really care about their clients. Easy to access to if you have a mobility challenge, or prefer main level access for services.
I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Christina; she was fantastic. Knowledgeable, approachable, kind and gentle.
She is incredibly kind to her patients; and her is really sweet. And she gave wonderful instructions for the home treatment that I am doing.
Also, emailed a receipt and appointment reminders. So helpful for someone like me.
I look forward to my next appointment with her.
After a single treatment I am feeling better. I can’t wait to experience how I feel after another appointment.

- R. H.

Excellent Result After An Hour Massage

Cathie is amazing! I can’t believe how good I feel after a 1 hour massage. She assessed and treated my trouble spots and I felt the results and increased range of motion right after treatment. I highly recommend her!

- Majid S

Above and Beyond

Christine is amazing. She has gone above and beyond to assist me in my areas of concern.

- Shanti C

Excellent and Knowledgeable Acupuncturist

Besides being so kind and respectful, Christine is an excellent and very knowledgeable acupuncturist. Unfortunately, I had to pause in my regular treatments which had been helping with my serious pain. But I’m now able to resume treatments and am very much looking forward to it.


- Norma F

Multiple Family Members Visiting Here

I highly recommend this place. They have done wonders for my 10yr old and now have multiple family members visiting here for all different issues and looking to acupuncture for help. God bless

- S

Science-based Approach to Acupuncture

All of the folks at Whole Family Health are excellent. Christina has been my main provider, and I am always so appreciative of her knowledge, empathy, and science-based approach to acupuncture.

- SW

Thank you Kassidy!

I saw Kassidy for induction acupuncture; we live out of town and the clinic was able to get me in last minute! Kassidy was so kind and knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her treatment was thorough, she offered great advice, homework for me and a treatment plan going forward. Would absolutely come back to see her if we lived closer!! Thank you Kassidy!

- Sarah E

Kind and Helpful

I’ve done acupuncture with Christina and massages with Cathie and both have been such wonderful experiences! All the staff are so kind and helpful. Cannot recommend them enough!
- Marly J

Recommend this Clinic

Dr. Pistotnik is knowledgeable and professional; very welcoming for first time acupuncture. I would recommend her and this clinic to all my family and friends.

- Breanna F

Concerns are Always Addressed

I go to Whole Family Health for acupuncture and see Kassidy. She is fantastic! My various areas of concern are always addressed and I feel great and so relaxed after my treatments. Kassidy is friendly, calm and gentle in her acupuncture technique. I can’t recommend her enough!

- Kirsten H

Holistic Care

I would like to thank you all for the nice treatment I get each time. Specific thanks to Kassidy for giving us a holistic care and making us feel better after each session. 💕from nozha and mourad

Tira was kind, helpful and reassuring!

Very warm, welcoming, and peaceful environment. Visited from out of town so this sadly is not my usual acupuncture clinic but visited multiple times over the course of a few days and left pleased each time. Tira was so kind, helpful, and reassuring… and I felt that she really considered what I needed both based on my reasons for attending and my emotional/physical state at the time. She took the time to follow up with me and provide me with information along my journey that may be helpful and even knowing I may not be a permanent client due to not living in Edmonton she treated me in a way that would certainly earn my loyalty if I did.

- Kimberly M

Making a Difficult Time Easier

Kassidy is so kind and is making a difficult time that much easier. Thank you.

- Erin C

Pays Attention to Our Needs

I should have started seeing Kassidy a long time ago! All my health issues, big or small are being fixed. Everyone at the clinic pays attention to our needs, they are professional, they are kind, the atmosphere is calm and welcoming.
I recommend 100%

- Elise M

Helped Find Balance and Calm

Very nice atmosphere, very calming and reassuring, it always makes me feel at peace.
Christina is very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Taking acupuncture has actually helped me a lot when I needed to find some balance and calm, and I tend to fall asleep a lot of times during my sessions because of its calmness and soothing music in the rooms.

- Fiorella M

Welcoming Space

This clinic is in one of the cutest spots in town. I was welcomed by the sweet front desk staff who brought me right away to the room. Catherine was so great and inviting. She provided me with a lot of knowledge to boost my fertility and really cares about my health.

- Lizel G

Shout Out

Great experience, Kassidy was excellent.
- Rick B

Prenatal care

Hi Catherine,
It was great 🤗
I can’t thank you enough for coming along for the ride and for all your support.
And the acupressure point on the bottom of the foot is brilliant.
When we got to the hospital I was 8cm dilated and no one could believe it because of my zen vibe, arrived to assessment at 9:15am and he was born at 10:18am
Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻
- K.K.

Fast Recovery

Awesome and best place for fast recovery! Had issue with tennis elbow ( pain) and back pain last year due to stress.
Christina ( acupuncturist) managed to get rid of it in two section – check it out – you won’t regret it.

- Nash S

caring and knowledgeable

Catherine is a caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist

- Sarah R

Changed my life

Wonderful clinic. Catherine is incredible. She supports her patients by listening to ALL their concerns. She has changed my life. I was referred to her and I am grateful for all the healing that has happened at Whole Family Health. Acupuncture + herbs was the combination I needed. We went through a few different iterations with the formula that would work for me. Then we found the one that did! Be patient with the process, document your healing journey and give this a chance if you want to compliment western medicine. If you’re dealing with psoraisis, eczema, sleep or anxiety issues, book you appointment with Catherine and let the healing begin!

- Sumana F

Thank you for everything

I have so many good things to say about Christina, the services provided and my experience, that I honestly cannot think of how to start this review.

I came to the practise looking for fertility help in 2021 after multiple miscarriages.

Christina immediately made me feel safe, comfortable and I trusted her right away.

Fast forward today, I feel with every fiber of my being, that it is largely due to her that I am mere weeks away from having my rainbow baby boy.

It’s not just the services they provide but it’s how they make you feel that really sets this place apart from other practitioners.

I cannot recommend whole family enough.
Thank you for everything

- Morgan T

Life saver!

Whole Family Health is a life saver! They truly take care of their patients. I see Christina for Acupuncture and she has helped me with everything from balancing hormones, relaxation techniques and pain management. I also go to the clinic for massages and have had an amazing experience with all their massage therapists.

- Christine R

Kind and knowledgeable

Alda is amazing for acupuncture and TCM, she’s very kind and knowledgable. I highly recommend her and Whole Family Health!
- Danielle S

Best acupuncturist I have ever had!

I cannot recommend Dr. Alda Ngo enough. She was my doctor for 10 years in Vancouver. She has helped me with everything from back pain, to period pain to pregnancy and childbirth. I am very picky with who I let give me acupuncture and Dr. Alda Ngo is by far the best Acupuncturist I have ever had! Her practice is a perfect balance of Chinese medicine knowledge, western medical knowledge, and mindfulness. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss her! Edmonton, my loss is definitely your gain!

- Emilie S

Help during my difficult journey

I was lucky to see Christina when I was struggling to get pregnant. Christina helped me and with help of acupuncture, I got pregnant in 11 weeks while getting treatment. Thank you Christina ❤️❤️.I am blessed with beautiful baby boy now with your help during my difficult journey

- Amanjit B

Invaluable program

I participated in an 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction online program facilitated by Dr. Alda Ngo. It was the most amazing program I could take to help with my mindset and reduce stress. Over time with daily practice I noticed a shift in how I reacted to stressful events and being at peace with my health diagnoses. My sleep got better whereas before I would be up for 3-4 hours a night anxious over my health to the point that my multiple health diagnoses were affecting my daily life. Dr. Ngo is one of the most compassionate, kind and knowledgeable healthcare provider I have come across and trust me over the past 2.5 years I have seen more specialists than I can count.

THANK YOU for providing and facilitating an invaluable program!

- Vanna L

Thank you

Catherine is very friendly, helpful, kind, and caring. Thank you for your help.

- Haya and Mahmoud

Improvement with my overall health

I reached out to Catherine for fertility acupuncture. Catherine has such a soothing voice and peaceful energy to her. Within a few treatments I started to notice an improvement with my overall health. Better sleeps, regular bowel movements, improved circulation, and most of all my menstruation cycles basically became symptom free. I hadn’t experienced this before and felt it was important to share my experience with acupuncture because there isn’t a lot of conversation around that. For anyone looking to improve their overall health I highly recommend acupuncture.

Update: I got pregnant within 1 month of “trying”. I didn’t expect that to happen to quickly, but I highly recommend acupuncture for anyone trying to conceive!

- Sasha M

Beyond Thankful

If you are looking for the best acupuncturist for fertility, look no further. Christina is the person you should be going to and you will absolutely love her passion, care, and work integrity. I have been struggling with recurring polyps and for almost three years, I went through 2 surgeries to get them removed, but unfortunately, it ended in countless disappointments with negative pregnancy tests. Just when I was devastated that the doctors told me my polyps returned and that I needed another surgery + IVF given my polyp’s rate of growth, Christina gave me hope. Christina is realistic, empathetic, and a gentle guidance that’s there to nudge you to go a little further when you are feeling defeated. 2 months into my acupuncture session with her, I found out that we’re expecting a baby. I am beyond thankful for Christina’s support and her knowledge in the fertility field. She is truly an intelligent guide who cares about the well-being of her patients. This is rare to find in an individual and you’ll be lucky to have her on your fertility journey.

- Sharon H

Attentive with clarity & understanding

Overall my experience with Whole Family Health and specifically Christina Pistotnik has been amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone on the fence about seeking out support. More details below if you’re interested… I first contacted Whole Family Health with hopes they could help me with fertility. I was connected with Christina and started with virtual appointments due to COVID (May 2020). Christina answered my questions with clarity and understanding, she followed up with an email helping me know what to expect in the upcoming weeks/months. After starting acupuncture with her in June 2020, I would contact her with questions around my menstrual cycle and how to interpret doctors notes or test results. Trying to conceive was frustrating and confusing for the first year. Once I connected with Christina it was much easier. She is always prompt to reply to emails between appointments. At appointments she listens attentively and answers all questions clearly. She truly made our journey to conception so much easier. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to follow her suggestions for herbal supplements and acupuncture. I continued to ask questions and use her support and guidance to help. There are so many new things throughout pregnancy, it is so helpful knowing you have someone so knowledgeable and professional in your former. As I went into labour I knew I was as prepared as I could be with the pointers and information from our sessions leading up. Now with my newborn I continue to know I have Whole Family Health to turn to with any questions that arise.
- Caristy

Amazing care and real results

Best place for acupuncture in Edmonton. Christina takes amazing care and consideration, she explains what she is doing and why, and there are almost immediate and real results!!
- Safiya

Knowledgeable and truly caring

Catherine is amazing and knowledgable. I feel like she truly cares about my health and is invested in my healing.
- Briana

Identical twin girls

Alda, I am writing to let you know that last week, I gave birth to identical twin girls. Thank you so much for caring for me. I learned so much from you and am certain that the changes that I made to align with your advice helped me reach this point. It has been a long and challenging journey and my husband and I are so thrilled to now be parents to these lovely girls.

- A

Thank you, from a now rested mom!

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Kelsey! She’s a magic worker on both of my kids. They were so cranky before acupuncture and within hours we saw a difference in both of them. By the time we made the drive home, they were both happy, had bowel movements and slept a 12-hour night!
Thank you so much Kelsey for having a sweet and fun approach and being so great with the kids. They both adore you!
Thank you once again, from a now rested mom 🙂

- Kayla

Taking Care of Clients

I love this place. They take care of their clients and patients very carefully.
I have had massage from about 5 different places but never satisfied but at Whole Family I always have very pleasant time. Natasha is great massage therapist.
I needed prenatal massage she knew what pressure areas were tensed without me telling her. My body feels very relaxed. They are good with the timing.
Alda and Christina are great acupuncturist.
I had issues with fertility but with few fertility acupuncture treatments I was able to conceive and I am due any day now. I will highly recommend this place. I love this place I will coming again again for any treatments


I really appreciate having you as my acupuncturist since 2015. Since then, I conquered my fear of needles with your help!

- V & T

Incredible patience

Thank you so very much for your care over the past three years. Your patience, perseverance, and calmness have helped my body heal.

- L

Gentle care

Thank you for taking such good care of me these last few years. Your gentle care, kind soul, and listening ear got me through some of my hardest times.

- E

Made such a positive difference!

Thank you for all your help & support. Your calmness brings so much peace to a very stressful path.

- S


It is difficult for me to put the depth of my gratitude for you into words. You have been a guiding light, a grounding presence, & a trusted advisor for me these past two years. You’ve helped me feel more comfortable talking about my experience than I ever thought I’d be! I truly admire how you hold space for all the frustrations that come along with infertility. I feel so grateful to have been in your care. Your knowledge and approach provide such a loving space to receive another life into this world.

- B & M

Special thank-you

A very special thank-you for providing such amazing support to me along the way to fulfilling our dream of having a family.

- S


What a long journey it has been! I so appreciate your steady support and advice. Your kindness gives far beyond the norm. Thank you for being a warm shoulder when I needed it.

- H


I am so grateful that our paths crossed & that I was able to share some pace and time with you. Your beautiful way of being has been so reassuring & affirming!

- C


Thank you so much for your help, treatment and empathy. I really felt supported throughout this process.

- L


I am very glad to know and have you, and your help in my fertility journey. Your care, professionalism and empathy make you an outstanding care provider!

- V

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your supportive, generous kindness. You truly are a healer and I am so grateful to have gotten to know you and benefit from your healing touch.

- A

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me! I have learned so much from you and am grateful for the positive impact you have had on my life & my health.

- A


I am grateful because you have been a part of my journey, I will never forget you!

- W

Thank you

Natasha really took the time to analyze what, in-fact, was causing my daily discomfort. I left there with a new outlook that my pain could subside and that I didn’t solely have to focus on trying to just live with my problems, but that I could, with work, get rid of/minimize the discomfort.
- R.L

Thank you

To the Whole Family Health team,

Thank you for your continued support and guidance throughout our difficult journey – we are beyond happy about the arrival of our healthy baby boy. We hope to see you soon!

- A.S

Thank you

Dear Christina,

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family. You are an incredible acupuncturist and a beautiful soul. I couldn’t wait to tell you the news when I got pregnant. The day I received my last treatment from you, I went into labour a few hours later, so our plan worked.

- N

Thank you

Thank you so much for everything! You have all helped to make my pregnancy a joyful experience!

- K

Thank you

Dear Christina,

Thank you for all your hard work and support. It has been all appreciated.

- N

Thank you

Thanks so much for your support, kindness and expertise on our journey to get to this place. Its all we ever dreamed of and more.

- K.J

Meet our baby!

Hey Christina,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and help through our journey, I still recommend you and Whole Family Health all the time! I am a true believer in acupuncture and all the benefits of it! Thank you!

- S.H

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We will be celebrating baby’s first birthday and first Christmas and we will never forget the role you played in bringing our sweet baby to us! Thank you for always listening and showing me that glimmer of hope even when it seemed like there was none. You are such a gift to many!

- S

Thank you

Dear Christina,

Thank you for all of the support you have given my mom! Getting acupuncture treatments made her feel strong and calm. You were a source of strength for her! In fact, she is still benefitting from your support, and so am I! I am now 6 1/2 half months old and am doing great! I sit by myself, I roll over, I eat solids and I giggle and babble a lot! I keep my mom happy and busy! I hope to see you again soon!

- S

Thank you

Dear Whole Family Health, Thank you for providing my mommy support and guidance through her journey to conception. I am so happy to be here and look forward to many exciting adventures!

- H

Dream come true

Christina, thank you for all your help! This is our dream come true.

- S & R

Thank you

Christina, words can’t express how thankful we are that you were a part of our fertility journey. Thank you for your support, guidance, encouragement, and friendship. Hope you meet our baby miracle one day soon!

- D.L

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all that you did for us! Look forward to seeing you again.

- S

Thank You So Much

Alda, I’m pregnant! I just really wanted to let you know as I’ve been in your care for the most crucial months leading up to the transfer. You have been so amazing – thank you so much. – J.

Positive Results

Alda, we are still in disbelief 🙂 My husband hasn’t stopped laughing…I tested again this morning and yes, it was positive again so I made an appt to see my family doctor. Thank you! – W.


Very Special Person

Alda, we will miss you so! You will go down in history as one of the most beloved, special people we’ve met along our journey…sincerely. Your soon-to-be clients are sooo lucky! Thank you for everything– our little guy is awesome and he melts all sorts of hearts.
Lots of Love, J

Successful IVF

Alda, we are so happy to let you know our IVF worked. Thank you so much for getting us here. We definitely couldn’t have done this without your treatment and feedback. We are still in shock! – S + N


Thank You

Dear Dr. Alda,
Thank you so much for being part of my journey.  You are a kindred spirit, I am so sad to see you leave but super happy we will keep in touch.
Much love,

The Best Care

Hi Alda,
I just wanted to say you are such a lovely human and you are truly great at what you do!  My body, mind and soul had the best care in your hands and I am really going to miss seeing you…

Love & hugs,


Wonderful Experience

Thank you so much, Alda. We don’t even know where the last three years have gone. I came in not knowing what to expect and I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience we have had with you. Your treatment initially started out for fertility but then it became about our overall health. We will miss you! – N+S


Encouragement and Support

Dear Alda,

Thank you so much for your care, encouragement and support. I am going to miss you! – A.

Helped Calm the Storm

Dear Alda,
Thank you again for your support. You are one of a kind and will be greatly missed here in Vancouver. You do remarkable work and your compassion, patience and warm heart are a blessing during a very emotional and stressful time. You practice what you preach and are an example of how taking time for you with self-care (I loved your class!) and also being so brave to share your fertility journey publicly has certainly helped to calm our incredible storm. I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you for helping to give me the confidence to proceed! (The confidence to share my story one day will come too…ha ha). – K.

We Appreciate You

Hello Alda,

I appreciate all that you did for my husband and myself. It was such a pleasure being in your care for the past year and a bit. Your patients in Edmonton are lucky to have you! – L.

A Very Big Thank You

Alda, I wanted to extend a very big thank you for all the incredible care I have been so lucky to receive from you over the years; this past year in particular. I feel immensely grateful that our paths happened to cross 10 years ago and that I had the privilege of learning and growing through the work you do. Much, much love, hugs, kisses, and ‘suerte!’ as my Mexican hubby says! – C.


Alda, how lucky I was to have you there to help guide me through the decisions and emotions of last year. Thank you so much for that. – K


Alda, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support through this very difficult time. I’m not sure I could have made it without you. – A.


Dear Alda,

You’ve been a huge part of our journey the first time around when we had our son, and we are just so grateful to you. We are really hoping everything works out this time around too. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful support. – J.

Forever Thankful

Dear Alda,
Thank you so much for your wonderful care and beautiful heart. I am so grateful to have met you. Throughout my journey, I have been so fortunate to have met people like you with such compassionate and generous spirits. I will forever be thankful. I hope your move to Edmonton goes smoothly and that you adjust nicely to your new home and workplace. Edmonton is lucky to have you! – K.

Love and Support

Hi Alda, you have been such an integral part of my family’s life, you have no idea!!!  Thank you for all your love and support and care and concern you have shown me over this past year. Hope Edmonton treats you well. – S.

Such a Gift

Hi Alda! It was such a gift to be in your care during such a health adventure. I will never forget your sensitive care. – N. T.

A Bright Star

Dear Alda,

You have taught me a lot about family– and community. And what is and is not “a thing” in Chinese medicine. You are a bright star in my healing firmament. My shoulder is 99% fixed and I will book in to see you before I leave.  – W.

YogaPuncture – Awesome Combination

Yoga and acupuncture were excellent! The sequence was thoughtful and both practitioners were gentle and peaceful to have as practitioners. I hope there is another one! – Yogapuncture Participant

Great YogaPuncture Teacher

Great teacher! I felt like you read my mind and gave me postures my body needed that day. – Yogapuncture Participant

Great Yoga Instruction Skills

Very calm experience. Sarah has great instruction skills. Feedback was given in a gentle and discreet manner which made me feel comfortable in the learning environment. – Yogapuncture Participant

Fertility YogaPuncture: Relaxing and Restorative

Found the class overall to be very relaxing and restorative. Tea and atmosphere made the experience warm and hospitable. – Fertility Yogapuncture Participant

Fertility Yogapuncture

Thank you so very much for this class. In this busy world it provided much needed time to ground myself and find some inner strength and peace. It would be great to have classes that continue to follow one throughout their pregnancy. Thank you to both of you! – D. R.

Yogapuncture for Fertility

You ladies are awesome, thank you! I love all the props we incorporate and the easy restful postures.

YogaPuncture: Unique Experience

The combination of both yoga and acupuncture was very unique and a great experience. – Yogapuncture Participant

Prenatal YogaPuncture: Great Class Combination

I really enjoyed this class! It was very well paced, focusing on breathing and relaxation. Both the yoga instruction and acupuncture were well combined and complementary. – Prenatal Yogapuncture Participant

Prenatal Yoga

I really enjoyed the classes! The pace of the postures was good. I enjoyed the facilitation offering supports (blocks, blankets, etc.) and the explanation of the acupuncture points was great! Great sessions, thank you!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga instructor, Sarah, and acupuncturists were great!

Mindful Yogapuncture for Fertility

Both Mykayla and Alda were wonderful and warm and added such a personal touch. It was a really pleasurable experience!

Support, Guidance, Encouragement, and Friendship

Words can’t express how thankful we are that you were a part of our fertility journey. Thank you for your support, guidance, encouragement, and friendship. – D. C.

Journey into Parenthood

Christina, I’m not even sure where to begin, but thank you isn’t enough. My husband and I are so thankful to have found you. You have been such a huge help on our journey and we are so grateful for that. Thank you for all your help and guidance through this journey to become parents and for always being around to answer any questions or help with any concerns. You are a huge reason why we have Nora. So again, thank you! Looking forward to working with you again. – L. S., C. R., + N. S. R.

Healing Hands

Christina, thanks for your support during the difficult times when I needed someone to understand my feelings and give me meaningful direction. You are an angel with healing hands.

Menstrual Cycle Support

My cycle failed to return back to normal after being off the birth control pill for over 2 years. All of my test results came back as normal so I decided to try acupuncture.  I was experiencing very irregular cycles (anywhere from 25-50 days) and painful periods with spotting all throughout the cycle, something I never had prior to going on the pill.  After a few months of acupuncture, my cycle had become regular and my cramps nearly disappeared.  It has been such a great experience, I would highly recommend it! – J. K.

Preconception and Pregnancy Support

My daughter and son are both rainbow babies after loss and I thank you, Christina, for all of your help with preconception and prenatal acupuncture. I’m absolutely convinced it was a big part of calming my nervous system so we could continue these pregnancies.

I always looked forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions in your clinic and also your empathy, care, and compassion was so helpful for dealing with both my mind and body health during these rainbow pregnancies. – C. D.

Feeling Relieved

I’ve had a headache for 5 days and have been dealing with tight traps for about 6 months non-stop! 1 visit to Christina Pistotnik and I feel one million percent better! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! – N.W.

Baby Girl

We had a baby girl, Isabella she’s 3 months old today.  Thank you for your sessions and all the chats.  – N.L.

Wonderful Birth Experience

I went into labour the night following my last acupuncture treatment! Thanks soooooo much for all your help in this process, from the very start to a wonderful birth experience! – W.

Highly Recommended

I have been a patient of a few different acupuncturists and I must say that Christina is THE best. She is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, accommodating, and caring. I highly recommend her! – L. D.


Making Me a Priority

Thank you so much, Christina, for always making me a priority and being so supportive and helpful. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am! – E.Y.

Our Family is Complete

Christina, thank you for the many years of treatments for our bodies and our hearts. We now have the family we could only dream of and you are a very important part of that! A million thank-yous! – D.F+S.F



Where would I be without Christina and Whole Family Health? 

Christina is a wonderful acupuncturist and all-around human being. She is friendly, caring, an amazing listener and great at her job. I am so glad I found her. – P. L.

Very Thankful

I am so fortunate to have found Christina to be my acupuncturist. Christina has effectively aided me with a number of issues. I find her to be very professional, knowledgeable, dependable, punctual and passionate. What strikes me most about her and her craft is her openness and her attentiveness. I feel I need to add that she is extremely gentle with the tools of her trade for those that may be nervous about needles. – D.K.


Support for Conception of 2nd Child

Christina, thank you for always being a source of support – emotionally and physically. It meant so much to me to be able to reach out to you during this journey and know you would always listen. I have been lucky to meet so many great women through the adventure that was bringing my 2nd daughter into this world. Thank you for being a part of it! – R. K.

Thanks for Helping Open Doors…

Christina, it’s hard to believe but wonderful to be on this end of the journey with you. Thank you for being on this path with me from the beginning – you don’t know how much your support has meant. It has been such a lesson for me believing in a dream even when there were no outward signs. Thanks for being a source of positivity, hope, and humour (plus a shoulder to occasionally cry on).  I hope you remember me throughout your career as a reminder to help someone hold hope for having a child.  Much love and gratitude -N.L.

Labour Induction Treatment Did The Trick!

Yesterday’s appointment sure did the trick. We were making our way home and decided to come to the grey nuns as my contractions were coming on strong and were 3 min apart. We were admitted at 4:30 and he was born at 5:10 pm! It was crazy fast considering I left the appointment at 3:30.  Thank you for all of your help Catherine!

Woke up with no pain!

I just wanted to let you know that I feel sooo much better after our session yesterday. I woke up this morning with no pain 🙂 thank you so much!!! I’m so glad I decided to come see you Catherine!

Male Factor Infertility

I think when us guys hear the words “fertility issue,” we tend to look for ways to fix what’s broken. My wife and I have been through the grinder and every test conceivable (<-yeah it’s a pun) for Western medicine. There was no easy fix for what was quickly starting to look like an “infertile couple.” Our last option was surrogacy but we still needed healthy eggs from my wife and good sperm from me to proceed. We asked around about what we could do to increase our chances of having success with creating healthy embryos.

Acupuncture was mentioned a few times so we gave it a whirl. It really was the best advice anyone gave us. We went for a few months of treatment and, in tandem with a fertility clinic, created several healthy embryos as a result. We now have a little girl that has just turned one. We can’t thank Alda and the rest of the team enough for helping us. They can truly make a difference.

Lastly, I encourage all couples to BOTH go for acupuncture.  So often I see women at the fertility clinic on their own. I think it’s important for both partners to be there and go through the experience together.

Clint H.


Great support!

I’m not sure if you know about our miracle that God gave us but I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I saw Christina weekly for acupuncture during my 1st trimester. Things have been very good although I was in the emerg on Thursday with bleeding and cramping…you can imagine I was terrified. Baby is fine and it turns out that there is a subchorionic hematoma between the placenta and cervix with the placenta slightly pulling away. So not ideal obviously…it’s really weird because an ultrasound 3 days prior showed nothing. I’ve been put on bed rest and advised to follow up with my OB. It’s nerve-wracking but we’re hopeful and praying for this little miracle to thrive! I had meant to email you sooner …just thought I’d touch base and also let you know how great it’s been to have the acupuncture support from Christina at your clinic.
Sincerely, SC

- S.C.

Effective Induction Massage

I went in for an induction massage yesterday evening at 4:30pm, and had my baby this morning at 7:00am. Thanks for the great service!


- K.B.

Her services sincerely helped my husband and I to conceive

Please pass my good wishes to Kelsey as I believe her services sincerely helped my husband and I to conceive our baby.

- A.W

“I feel like she is a friend who understands my health issues.”

I love my acupuncture appointment time with Kelsey! I feel like she is a friend and understands my health issues and does her best to help me with it through treatment and discussion. She takes time to listen and fully give me her time! Ashley at the front desk is fabulous! She is always so cheerful, welcoming and will accommodate appointment changes and appointments so easily! Love your clinic and always recommend it to others when they are looking for health solutions! Keep up the excellent work!

- S.M

Great Consult!

Had a great consult & will be going back. Very warm, knowledgeable & attentive staff. Answered questions with ease. So great! Highly recommend.

- C.HM

Christina is THE best

I have been a patient of a few different acupuncturists and I must say that Christina is THE best. She is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented, accommodating, and caring. I highly recommend her!

- Laurie D.

“Each baby was carried a little differently…”

“I cannot thank you enough for helping with my morning/all day sickness. We have so much to be grateful for. As our family is completed, I have taken the time to reflect on the journey of pregnancy in my body. Each baby was carried a little differently. What a gift you have! Once again, thank you!

- S.P

Words can not fully express

I am so grateful for all your help and support over the last year and a bit, you definitely made a huge difference in how I viewed the infertility issues we experienced. Your positivity surrounding it was unwavering, and for that I will never be able to thank you enough. So for now, we will build our family thru the adoption process and if we are meant to have more then it will happen and if not, our family will be complete with 3. Words can not fully express the difference you have made in my life and for that I thank you.

- T

So very grateful!


Thank you for helping us make the perfect wonderful baby!! We are so very grateful!

- AB


Kelsey is an amazing woman and she has helped me with my chronic pain and other stress related problems.

- C

Caring and Supportive

Just wondering if you could pass along to Christina that we ended up having our baby last week. We are doing well. Just wanted to thank you Christina for being there for support through our ivf and then for labour prep acupuncture.   She is an amazing person and very caring and supportive.

- H

You Helped Us Achieve

Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe our gratitude to you. What you have helped us achieve is beyond anything we could have dreamed. You kept us laughing through it all. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

- M

Care and Support

Christina, Thank you for all of your care and support throughout our IVF journey!

- H, K, & Baby

Positive Outcome

I wanted to say thank you once again to you & your team for helping us get through  this is pregnancy with a positive outcome.

- R

Care, Guidance, and Encouragement

Christina and the Whole Family Health team: Thank you so very much for your care, guidance, and encouragement this past year! Words are not enough to express our gratitude! We are so happy to end this year on a high note and we wouldn’t be here without all of you!

- B & M

Positive Difference

Christina, and Everyone at Whole Family Health: Thank you for everything you’ve done to contribute to my health and wellness over the past few years. You have made such a positive difference in my life! W

- M

For All You Do

We just wanted to say Thank-You for all that you do. You all are the BEST!

- K

Thank You

I really don’t think I’d be here without you both. thank you!!

- J

Support & Guidance

Team at Whole Family Health, Thank-you for your continued support & guidance throughout our difficult journey- we are beyond happy on the arrival of our health boy!

- A,A&E

Wonderful Birth Experience

Hi Christina, I went into labour the night following my last Acupuncture treatment! Thanks soooooo much for all your help in this process, from the very start to a wonderful birth experience!

- W

Headache in Eye Better

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you. We didn’t even get to Leduc and the headache in my eye was better and by the time we got home it is gone 🙂 thanks again!

- A

Edmonton Clinic With Board Certified Members of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

Life Changing

Thank you, your sincerity and support has been life changing!

- G

Finally Got Pregnant!

I finally got pregnant! It still hasn’t 100% sank in, but I am so damn excited!

- P

Feeling Awesome

Feeling awesome today…had a great sleep 🙂  Thanks for the extra treatment!

- R

Thank You All

Thank you all for your support on this journey.

- B

Thank You For Always Being Sweet

Dear Christina, I am pregnant!! Thank you for always being sweet. I can’t wait to move forward and when I come in i no longer need fertility acupuncture because this girl is a fertile merteryl!!

- K

I’ve Never Felt Better!

Thank you for everything you do. I’ve never felt better!

- H

Words Cannot Fully Express My Gratitude

Hi Christina, although these words cannot fully express my gratitude, I wanted to say thank you for all of the support you have provided me and, in turn, our new little family.  I will let you know when I’m able to move around more so I can come by for a visit and you can meet her 🙂

- A

Kind Professionalism and Welcoming Smiles

Thank you for all the customized treatments, great advice, valuable resources, kind professionalism and welcoming smiles, all of which have been greatly appreciated over the last few years.

- E

True Believer in Acupuncture!

Christina, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and help through our journey. I still recommend you and Whole Family Health all the time!! I am a true “believer” in acupuncture and all the benefits it comes with! I know I will be back one day 🙂 Thank you!

- S

Support and Knowledge

Hi Christina, Thanks for all the help and suggestions….I really appreciate your support and knowledge. I am doing well and started ovulating, I’m so happy it’s regulating thanks to you!

- A

Two Embryos With Two Heartbeats

Hi Christina: Had to share this with you…. today was the ultrasound. Well…… two embryos with two heartbeats 143 and 150. I had a hunch cause I feel so yucky, but wow. So different than last time. Thanks so much!

- V

Ability And Energy To Change My Life

I also wanted to say that without your help, support and skills over the past several months there is no way that I could have even thought about attending this or gone through it successfully. I want to thank you with my whole heart,  you are key in me having the ability and energy to change my life. Thank you!

- G

Thanks Again, Life Coach!

I know that how you are with me is how you are with all of your patients…; however, I really want to say thank you for all the advice, support and frankness that you offer to me.  I appreciate you so much and you have been an amazing support up to this point.  Thanks again, life coach!

- B

Expert Advise and Gentle Support

Hi Christina, Thanks for your expert advise and gentle support! You truly are wonderful.


- A

Improvement After 24 Hours of Treatment!

The dermatitis on my chin is showing improvement after 24 hours of treatment!! Also I have not been any antihistamine since I’ve started treatments with you which I find is a huge improvement as well. Thank you so much, looking forward to the next treatment.

- P

I Will Truly Be Forever Grateful

I honestly can’t thank you all enough for the huge role you played in bringing him into my life; I will truly be forever grateful!

- L

Thank You For Being So Supportive

Thank you for being so supportive over the last 6 months. I look forward to my acupuncture appointments because talking to you and a treatment always makes me feel better. It has been a long and difficult road and I’m thankful that you are on it with me.

- K

No Words Can Express Our Gratitude

There are literally no words that can express our gratitude – we would not have this beautiful babe without you. I’m thankful every day you came into our lives!

- C & R

Thanks For Making A Difficult Time Just A Little Bit Easier

Thanks for all your support, guidance, hope and calm through this ongoing journey for us. This definitely would be a million more times difficult without you and your team. Thanks for making a difficult time just a little bit easier.

- M

Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Health

I just wanted to thank you for going far beyond my expectations. Not only do you provide efficient service but you really care about your patients! You are amazing and I think you are wonderful!

- H

Acupuncture Treatments

I am indebted to you for helping me with the implantation and acupuncture treatments.

- Antigone

Two Baby Boys

I delivered two baby boys that day. Oliver 6lb 6oz and Matteo 6lb 3oz. Born just past 37 weeks!. Thanks again for helping relieve the aches and pains of this extra weighty pregnancy!

- Audrey

Heartfelt Thank You

I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help me get pregnant. I always liked coming to see you and your colleagues.

- R

Feeling Rested

Thank you for taking the time to help, I feel the most rested I have been in months!

From Conception to Labour and Beyond

Thank you so very much for the lovely note and the baby starter kit. It was so very thoughtful of you. My beautiful son, Cailan, arrived via c-section in the early morning hours of June 21 weighing a tiny 6 lbs 14 oz. he’s wonderfully healthy and growing like a weed.

- Suzanne

Blessing, Support and Acupuncture

Thank you so much for helping me achieve this amazing blessing in my life…Emry. I really believe none of this would have been possible without the help of acupuncture. I will forever be thankful and grateful! Thanks for our talks and all your support.

- Holly

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