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New Beginnings!

Dr Alda Ngo and Christina Pistotnik are very excited to announce to all of our valued clients that we are taking over as owners and clinical directors of Whole Family Health. We are both so grateful for the work that Cecil has done in establishing Whole Family Health as a flagship clinic in Edmonton’s integrative and reproductive health community. We are delighted to continue his pioneering work, and are thrilled to bring to our patients over 20 years of combined experience in Chinese Medicine, reproductive health, fertility and obstetrics.

Just as Cecil has supported so many of his patients in finding healing and transformation in their lives, he is now embarking on his own journey of change and growth. He will always remain a part of Whole Family Health, as it has truly grown from his heart, and will forever be an extension of his dedication to the community.

But now is also a time for new beginnings. We have, along with our growing team of integrated practitioners, fresh plans in how to best integrate the wisdom of centuries old traditional medicine, with cutting-edge modern research tools. We have some amazing offerings in the works – so stay tuned!

Follow the links below to get to know the new Clinical Directors better:

Message from Dr. Alda

Message from Christina

Follow this link to read a letter dedicated to you from Cecil:

Message from Cecil

Welcome to Whole Family Health

We are a devoted and experienced team of leading acupuncturists, and massage therapists. We apply the traditional wisdom of Chinese medicine to the needs of modern families treating a broad range of ailments gently and naturally. We provide a full variety of integrative holistic health services including:

fertility programs

pediatric programs

massage therapy


and more in our Edmonton acupuncture and fertility clinic.

Acupuncture, a health care system that restores proper body function and helps improve quality of life, has long been used to effectively treat physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction and ailment successfully. Whether you are managing an illness or disorder, looking to maintain preventative health, or recovering from injury, our team of specialists will develop a treatment plan to fully support your whole health.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine effectively treat the root cause of dysfunction, such as hormone imbalance, chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, depression, chronic stress & anxiety. Acupuncture is effectively used for body pain & aches, headaches & migraines, sports injuries, insomnia & sleep disorders, allergies, skin conditions, fibromyalgia, muscuoloskeletal conditions, arthritis, and more.

Acupuncture also successfully treats fertility issues and enhances chances of conceiving. Our clinic proudly has board certified members of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) in the Edmonton and surrounding area, and our team of specialists are the most qualified and experienced in the treatment of infertility, ART & IVF support, pregnancy support, women’s health issues, and reproductive health medicine. Acupuncture treatments help cycle regulation, hormone balancing, PMS, menopause, painful periods, PCOS, and more. We also provide natural pregnancy support and pediatric care with acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy.

Bringing integrative medicine to the forefront for those in Edmonton and area, we offer the highest quality of care to our patients with our certified extensive knowledge, training, and experience. Our ABORM fellowship demonstrates our commitment to graduate level education on a continuing basis and our commitment to the continued expansion of our knowledge of western medicine and how we can use it integratively. We are here to provide support as you take control of your health.


  • YogaPuncture for Fertility

    This 6- week series offers a combination of gentle yoga poses, restorative postures and stimulation of acupuncture points to balance the mind and body, supporting fertility and possible early pregnancy.

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