Postnatal Health

Acupuncture helps rebalance, restore, and replenish the body after giving birth, thereby enhancing the health of both mother and child. It is especially helpful for women experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, insomnia, low breast milk production, and blocked milk duct or mastitis.

While acupuncture is a safe, natural, and reliable form of healthcare, a healthy postpartum experience also depends on adequate rest, a suitable diet, and emotional well-being.

What you eat after pregnancy plays a vital role in maintaining emotional and physical balance and nourishment for you and your baby. Eating a nutrient-rich diet increases your energy and blood production, and translates into better and more nutrient-rich milk for your baby.

Massage helps to repair and rebalance the body. Massage helps alleviate muscular discomforts from pregnancy, delivery and the adaptations to motherhood. It is helpful in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia, and can be very helpful for women experiencing postpartum depression.

We offer individualized treatments that promote overall postpartum health while encouraging women to maintain a regular relationship with their family doctors.

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