5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

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Whenever I see a patient, I like to remind them of these 5 awesome ways to get the most out of their massage therapy. For patients I see on a regular basis, they probably grow tired of me repeating this each time, but practice makes permanent, and by practicing all of these suggestions, you will find the relief from your treatments lasts much longer and you will feel WAY better during and following your massage.

#1) Book a treatment BEFORE you are sore.

Regular massage as a form of preventative medicine is much more effective then when you are already in pain. For healthy, pain free individuals, I always recommend booking monthly maintenance treatments. This helps to increase circulation, relax muscles, reduce stress, etc. before an injury or illness occurs. For those who experience symptoms of pain, muscle tension etc., more frequent treatments would be ideal.

#2) Drink LOTS of water before and after your massage.

Drinking 3-4L everyday is recommended for everyone, but especially important for increasing the effectiveness of your massage treatment. Water helps lubricate the joints, reduce tension and stiffness, promotes flexibility, reduces pain, and helps to flush out all the lactic acid and metabolic waste that is released from your muscle tissues during massage. All of which helps alleviate soreness post massage and a will give a longer lasting effect from the treatment.

#3) Speak Up

If you ever feel uncomfortable or if the pressure your therapist is providing you is too much or not enough, don’t be afraid to say so. A massage should be both relaxing and therapeutic. The “pain” you feel during a massage should be pain that relieves rather then inflicting pain.  The goal for the practitioner is to give you the best experience possible and your feedback is always important and encouraged.

#4) Have an Epson salt bath, or use a hot/cold compress post treatment

Because some massage (deep tissue/soft tissue release/trigger point release etc.) can have a small inflammatory effect on the muscle tissues, a hot/cold compress can be used if you are feeling achy or think you might, to help combat that feeling. A hot bath with Epson salts is one of my favorite things to do after a massage. The heat from the water and the magnesium in the salts act as a natural muscle relaxant plus helps to flush out toxins released during the massage

#5) Keep moving

After a massage it is important to keep moving to help promote blood flow to all the muscle tissues and organs that were affected during the massage treatment. This will help bring nutrients and oxygen to the tissues for repair, as well it will keep you nice and loose so you don’t stiffen right back up. A light walk or light full body stretches are both great post treatment.

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