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Supplements for Optimizing Sperm Health


Pay attention. Fertility acupuncture seems like a girl thing right? Well it’s true that a lot of our patients are women, because let’s face it, things with us girls are a bit more complicated. BUT! GUYS, pay attention!

I know your wife might be dragging you to this Initial Consultation and you’d probably rather be anywhere else instead of talking to me about your sperm health but the statistics aren’t wrong.

Did you know that 40% of all infertility diagnosis is due to male factor and 20% is due to combined female and male factor? So basically male and female factors play an equal role. That’s a heck of a lot more than you expected right?

If you suffer from male factor infertility you are NOT ALONE!

But it’s okay, there are things you can do to optimize your sperm health.  Aside from regular acupuncture treatments and diet, there are many supplements we recommend to increase sperm parameters including motility, concentration and health.

Here are a few supplements to consider when optimizing sperm health:

Coenzyme Q10

Studies show that COQ10 improves sperm motility and fertilization rates. COQ10 is actually found in the mitochondria of the midpiece of the sperm. All sperm cell activity, processes and movement depend on CoQ10 and its availability within the cell. So the more CoQ10 you have, the better your sperm cells can function. In fact, the more CoQ10 there is, the better the sperm cell can travel to the egg for fertilization.

Ubiquinol- the active form of CoQ10 is also a well known antioxidant which plays a huge part in maintaining the health of your cells. Antioxidants neutralize free-radicals which actually steal electrons from the lipids (or fat) in your cell membrane, which results in cell damage. We need healthy sperm to make healthy babies!

Studies show that increasing our antioxidant intake with supplementation and diet can have a profound effect on the health of your sperm cells.


You’ve probably heard a lot about Omega-3 fatty acids and its overall health benefits from decreasing inflammation in the body, increasing brain and nerve development in infants, and lowering the risk of heart disease. In fact- I bet you are already taking it. But did you know that studies show this incredible supplement is also being used to increase sperm concentration and motility? There are different types of Essential Fatty Acids but EPA and DHA are the ones you should be consuming.

Vitamin D

Over the years Vitamin D has been well known for maintaining calcium homeostasis within the body and promoting bone health and mineralization. There is also evidence that Vitamin D helps balance reproductive processes in both men and women. In fact, vitamin D receptors have actually been found inside the reproductive tissues of men and women. This vitamin is known to help increase testosterone levels and increase sperm quality and motility by promoting the synthesis of ATP, or energy supply within the sperm cell.

And it’s simple. In fact it’s never been easier to get these over-the-counter supplements from you fertility acupuncturist.  Although we do recommend to book in for an Initial Consultation with one of our Registered Acupuncturists before starting any supplement regime just to make sure these are right for you.

But you’re in luck! In honour of all those men out there suffering with infertility Whole Family Health will be offering 50% off all Initial Consultations booked from June 10-16th! Book in today!

Hope to see you all in the clinic soon!

Who Wants Normal Sperm, When You Can Have Virile Sperm?!?

Author: Christina Pistotnik

Guys, do you really just want to be ‘normal’? Seriously though wouldn’t you rather be outstanding, virile, and fertile!?! RUUR!!!!

We are constantly talking about the women and the woman’s side of fertility but let’s get real, we all know that it takes two to make a baby. So let’s talk sperm quality!

There is a bit of a crises going on that not many are talking about and that is sperm are on the decline folks! A more recent study involving semen count was published in the journal of Human Reproduction Update and it provides evidence that men’s sperm counts have taken a huge hit over the years.  How huge of a drop do you ask? Well, it showed that semen have dropped by 53% since 1973 (1). These findings were not only close to home either they were of global proportions!

The decline is so bad that WHO (world health organization) has decreased the parameters of what is considered a ‘normal’ semen analysis (2) . Here is a look at what is considered healthy parameters have declined over the years.

Semen Parameters 1987 1992 1999 2009/2010
Volume (mL) 2.0 ml 2.0 ml 2.0ml 1.5ml
Concentration 20 Million/ml 20 Million/ml 20 Million/ml 15 Million/ml
Total count 40 Million 40 Million 40 Million 39 Million
Motility (% progressive) 50% 50% 50% 28%
Vitality (% live) 50% 75% 75% 59%
Morphology (% normal) 50% 30% 15% 3%

Well, Crap! What can I do to improve my virility then?

The answer is having a healthy diet full of anti oxidant rich foods, getting regular exercise, and of course going for acupuncture treatments! All three of these have the ability to positively change your epigenetics (DNA expression). I’m not going to go deep into the role of epigenetics but it basically determines weather the inside of your cells (ie sperm) is healthy or not.  It makes sense that good food and exercise = healthy cells but did you know that acupuncture does too? A 2005 study showed that men receiving regular acupuncture treatments had improved sperm quality especially in the form of sperm cell structure (3).  Things that you should stay away from that negatively affect epigenetics include environmental toxins (chemical and pollution), excess alcohol, and drug exposure.  

In honour of Men’s Health week this week practitioners at Whole Family Health are offering 50% off men’s initial fertility consultations. Make your appointment for virile sperm with one of our expert fertility acupuncturists for treatment and advice today!

The internationally known urologist Dr. Paul Turek is a male fertility specialists and is also a strong believer in the role of epigenetics. He recommends that all men trying to conceive change more than just their underwear but do a complete overhaul of their lifestyle. His website is one of my favourite male fertility resource that I regularly refer my male patients to visit because it offers a plethora of knowledge to help men trying to conceive and it is hilariously and appropriately named Don’t Cook Your Balls (DCYB). There is also a very helpful test you can take and receive a brief fertility assessment with tips on improvements you can make.

Having access to information and tools like the ones on DCYB, making healthy lifestyle choices, limiting exposure to environmental toxins and having regular acupuncture treatments can put more than that extra pep in your step but give your little swimmers the virility they need to become a father.


  1. Levine et al 2017. Temporal trends in sperm count: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis.  Human Reproduction Update 1-14.
  2. Menkveld, R. 2009. The new 5th WHO manual semen parameter reference values-do they help or hinder? Andrology Laboratory, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Tygerberg Academic Hospital and University of Stellenbosch.
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Happy Men’s Health Week!

We are all so happy at Whole Family Health, to have been mentioned in this Edmonton Journal Article on the challenges of dealing with Male Factor Infertility!

We love to help and support couples going through this process, and we recognize that it is hard for everyone, regardless of what the diagnosis is.

40% of infertility cases are due to male factor, and about 20% of cases are due to combined male and female factor. So infertility affects men and women relatively equally.

June 10-16th is also Canadian Men’s Health Week!

We would like to honour and support men, by offering 50% off Initial Men’s Reproductive Health Consults that are booked during this week until June 16thContact us for more information.

Stay tuned for more blog information this week on how you can improve Male Fertility with supplements and acupuncture.

Happy Men’s Health Week!
Dr. Alda Ngo

If you would like more information or to book in for a discounted Initial Men’s Reproductive Health Consult this week, contact us:
by Email: or
by Phone: 780.756.7736

Success Story

“I think when us guys hear the words “fertility issue,” we tend to look for ways to fix what’s broken. My wife and I have been through the grinder and every test conceivable (<-yeah it’s a pun) for Western medicine. There was no easy fix for what was quickly starting to look like an “infertile couple.” Our last option was surrogacy but we still needed healthy eggs from my wife and good sperm from me to proceed. We asked around about what we could do to increase our chances of having success with creating healthy embryos.

“We went for a few months of treatment & in tandem with a fertility clinic, created several healthy embryos as a result.”

Acupuncture was mentioned a few times so we gave it a whirl. It really was the best advice anyone gave us. We went for a few months of treatment and, in tandem with a fertility clinic, created several healthy embryos as a result. We now have a little girl that has just turned one. We can’t thank Alda and the rest of the team enough for helping us. They can truly make a difference.

Lastly, I encourage all couples to BOTH go for acupuncture.  So often I see women at the fertility clinic on their own. I think it’s important for both partners to be there and go through the experience together. “

-Clint H

Mat’s Story

Here is also another dear patient’s video, sharing his experience as he and his partner went through fertility treatments:

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