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Morning Sickness and Acupuncture

Morning sickness is one of the hallmark signs of pregnancy but for some women, it can be extremely debilitating.  (more…)

How You Can Create a Healthy Baby with Whole Family Health

There is a reason that a baby is referred to as the “miracle of life”. Sometimes, it can seem unbelievable that a little human grows inside of a woman. The idea that at just five weeks into pregnancy, your tiny bun already has a brain, spinal cord, and heart can be even more difficult to imagine.


But, it’s true. And even at this very beginning stage of life, health is important.


Did you know that an entire blueprint of a child’s future health can be derived from mom’s health during pregnancy? That’s right. A mother’s health (even before conception) influences the health of her fetus.


What does this mean? It means that the best way to ensure your child is healthy doesn’t start after they are born, or even during pregnancy. It starts with your preconception preparation!


First things first


It’s no secret that young adults are experiencing more hectic, stressful lifestyles as workloads double and financial stress increases. Today’s generation are also victims of convenience, able to order fast food to their doors and no longer needing to walk or use a bicycle as much as in days gone by. Not to mention the increased use of pesticides, and more exposure to radiation from appliances and devices.


So, what is being done to combat these negative effects? Especially during preparation for pregnancy? Well, it starts with understanding that health starts with you. How you treat your body, what you put into it, and how you relieve stress all play vital roles in the outcome of your child’s health. By taking ownership and putting a process in place to optimize your mind and body for child-bearing, you are taking the first step.


How can Whole Family Health help?


We combine traditional Chinese medicine and regular acupuncture treatments with nutritional and lifestyle guidance, as well as mind-body stress reduction techniques to increase your fertility naturally.


We take a holistic approach to restoring fertility by focusing on your entire health and wellness; we offer fertility acupuncture, fertility massage, nutritional advice and more. The reproductive system is connected to and affected by all the other systems. By treating the entire person, we identify and remove hormonal, physiological, and even emotional issues impacting fertility, bringing you into balance and enhancing your ability to conceive.


Interested in how we can work with you to improve your health and increase the likelihood of conception? Contact us today!



4 Board Certified Fellows of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine at Whole Family Health

Congratulations to Christina Pistotnik RAc, DAc, HHP, FABORM and Monica Patt RAc, HHP, FABORM on your recent certification with ABORM! (more…)

Integrative Fertility Symposium 2016 Highlights

Our team just got home from the 2016 Integrative Fertility Symposium and wanted to share some highlights. (more…)

Recent Research: Freeze-All Embryo Transfer Policy May Lead to Better IVF Outcomes

A recent study has evaluated the effect of elective cryopreservation (preservation by freezing) with subsequent frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) in cycles with elevated progesterone.


Mom To Mom Show 2015

Whole Family Health is bringing the Relax Lounge back to the Mom to Mom Show May 9th! Free massage and acupuncture for all! (more…)

Sciatic and Lower Back Pain Relief for Pregnant Women!

One of the most common reasons a pregnant woman seeks a massage therapist is for lower back pain and general and sciatica specifically. (more…)

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Seminar and Workshops

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Seminar and Workshops being held at Whole Family Health.

A Naturopathic Approach to Endocrine Balance

Our endocrine system is comprised of numerous glands that produce the hormones required to ensure proper communication between our organs and tissues. (more…)

Recent Research Concludes Acupuncture and Moxa Treatments Increase Percentage of Normal-Form Sperm in Infertile Patients

Recent research has concluded that acupuncture increases the percentage of normal-form sperm in infertile male patients with low count, motility, and morphology. (more…)

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