Acupressure For Childbirth

Posted by Catherine Woodlock

By applying pressure to specific points on the body, it can help to reduce pain and promote relaxation, allowing the birthing parent to focus on the experience of giving birth.

Studies have shown that acupressure can be an effective method for reducing pain during labor and childbirth.

Here are some acupressure points that can offer support during childbirth:

YONG QUAN – Burst of Vibrant Spring Water

Located on the bottom of the foot, Yong Quan is the lowest and most grounding point on the body. This point has a very relaxing and calming effect. It is effective when there are feelings of panic in labour, and is particularly useful during transition.

“This [point] gives our energy strength, a forward thrust and fresh vision. When we learn to tap into this spring it gives us gifts of knowledge and tranquility. By finding this source within we can find our own wisdom and creativity that can refresh our vision so life can flow with power, balance, purity and without fear. In this vibrant spring water we can be bathed in rejuvenating, refreshing and cleansing pure waters.”

NEI GUAN – Inner Gate

Located three of your finger widths above the transverse crease of the inner wrist, directly between the two tendons. It is useful for feelings of nausea as well as vomiting. It is also a very calming point and is helpful for anxiety.

“It can regulate our fire element by giving it warmth when it is cold or taking off a log or two when it is raging out of control and there is hysteria or anxiety. It is like putting a warm caring hand on the heart giving it the love it needs to feel secure. This inner warmth allows the gateway to be opened so we are once again balanced and can give warmth and love to our relationships. It can also give strength to the gateway so the difficulties in life can be handled better and be better protected. ”

It’s important to work with a qualified practitioner who is trained in acupressure to learn the techniques and acupoint locations for effective intervention.

Free Online Acupressure for Labour Support Workshop

Calling all expecting parents! If you’re looking for a natural and gentle approach to managing pain and discomfort during labor and childbirth, join us for our online acupressure event on February 26th 1-2:30PM.

On February 26th, our Registered Acupuncturist Obstetrics Specialists will teach you some helpful acupressure points that can help reduce pain, promote relaxation, and increase feelings of well-being during childbirth. They will guide you through this process, answer any questions you may have, and make sure that you are comfortable with techniques moving forward.

Whether you’re planning a hospital birth or a home birth, acupressure can be a wonderful tool to have in your birthing toolbox. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

To register for the event and receive more information, please contact:
Phone: 780.756.7736.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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Characters of Wisdom – Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Points
Kaatz, Debra

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