Acupuncture and Fertility, Stick With It!

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I see a lot of couples and women on a weekly basis. They come from all walks of life, some are super stressed at having tried to conceive year after year, and some are super stressed at having no success after several months.

One thing in common is their end goal, to have a healthy baby. I feel really lucky and privileged to be a part of the process that can help them to get their mind and bodies back into balance so that they can conceive.

This process takes time! We follow some well proven clinical protocols that involve active changes in the patient’s own lives as well as receiving herbs and acupuncture. Some conceive soon after treatments commence and some take a year.

If a couple sticks with their regiment their chances of success are pretty good. The proper lifestyle, dietary, stress reduction and exercise changes no matter how big or small contribute greatly to this.

Understandably so, some couples are so upset and impatient that they try a hundred approaches at once. This can be an issue. It means there is no true focus and takes them away from their true task at hand.

So no matter what approach is right for you, be it acupuncture or homeopathy or naturopathy, stick with it! One thing we see that is common in our clinic is that the couples who manage to stick with the required changes, even just 70% of the time, are the ones who go on to conceive and have healthy babies!

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