Acupuncture for Immune System Support

Posted by Christina Pistotnik

Tis the season, cold and flu season that is. Usually the winter months is when our immune system is put into overdrive constantly trying to fight of one infection after another and it doesn’t help that it seems as if everyone we know has some sort of cough, sore throat, sinus congestion, or runny nose.

Fortunately acupuncture can help prevent you from catching those bugs that others have or if you are the one feeling under the weather it can help speed up your recover so that you can feel better again.

Prevention is key and it is possible to use Chinese medicine to prevent the infections of colds and flu altogether or when caught early, to prevent them from turning into full-blown infections. When people around you are getting sick, receiving acupuncture treatments and taking preventive herbs will increase your ability to fight off illness and remain healthy.

Acupuncture helps your own body to boost the immune system by activating the nervous system releasing an increased amount of red and white blood cells, lymphocyte proliferation and natural killer cell activity. This is important when boosting the immune system to prevent colds and flu’s and when helping the body recover if a cold or flu has already set in.

Other effects acupuncture has that also help support a healthy immune system includes: relaxation of the body, encourages regular sleep patterns, and promotes healthy digestion.

It is advisable to come for acupuncture once or twice a month during cold and flu season to help strengthen your immune system in order to keep you healthy.

However, if you do happen to catch a cold or flu, acupuncture can help speed the recovery time of illness and lessen the severity of symptoms including:

• Lingering cough
• Stuffy nose
• Fever
• Gastrointestinal irregularities

Using acupuncture during the recovery stage of infection is a good way to ensure you are completely over the infection and that your immune system is intact and ready to fight off the next bout of sickness that makes its way through your home or work environment. Two or three weekly treatments after an illness will help to restore balance in your immune, respiratory and digestive systems.

Also, if an illness is lingering, frequent and regular treatments (twice a week for 1-2 weeks) will help stop the pattern of re-infection and weakening immunity so that you can finally get over your cold or flu.

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