Autumn: Allowing our Leaves to Drop

Posted by Dr. Alda Ngo

Autumn is a transitional season. It is a time of harvest, a time to pull inward, to gather, fuel and store up for the winter. Nature’s energies contract inward from summer’s activities to prepare for winter’s hibernation. Death and decay fall to the ground to become nourishment for the Spring.

In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is associated with the Metal element. Just like precious metals, which are formed deep within the earth under extreme temperatures and pressures, our Metal element is about the refinement of the essence of our being deep within and under the pressures of life challenges.

Emotionally, it is associated with grief and sadness, which when expressed and properly resolved, strengthens us. However, when there is resistance to grief, and it becomes repressed, it can cause contraction – particularly in the lung and large intestine systems. A healthy Metal system fills and empties, allowing for space to receive what life has to offer next.

Autumn is a time to allow our leaves to drop, which in a way leaves us vulnerable to winter’s harsh cold. But this vulnerability ultimately strengthens us, as letting our leaves fall allows us to go deep into our roots through the winter. Deeply rooted, we are protected and here we can be still and rest. So we can conserve our energy that it may collect with potential and rise full force with Spring’s freshness to begin anew again.

Do you have some leaves to drop? Can we help you release some of the stagnation that has accumulated throughout the year?

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