Autumn Yoga

Posted by Tira Mills

Autumn can bring about dryness and stagnation in the Lungs. A practice that incorporates twists and pranayama (breathing techniques) will help aid in reducing symptoms related to these conditions. 

Learning to twist well will provide a more well-rounded view of surroundings, including both opportunities and threats. A proper twist starts in the pelvis with the hips square. When moving into a twist, lengthen the spine to create a bit of a backbend thus creating more space for the Lungs. The archetype of a twist brings the heart to 90 degrees and the vision to 180 degrees, so when one twists both ways the full 360 degree picture is revealed.

Starting a breathing practice is as simple as moving the pelvis forward and back and pairing this movement with the breath. Breathe in as the pelvis tips forward and out as it tips back. This brings the awareness down into the lower body to bring stamina and stability to one’s experience, while igniting movement and function with the breath.

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