From Breast to Bottle – Tips on Making the Switch

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You’ve been breastfeeding your baby exclusively. But now you’re ready to switch to a bottle some or all of the time – and Baby is just not interested. What to do?

First, don’t worry. Many babies are hesitant to make the switch, and this reluctance is completely normal. Try some of these approaches:

Be playful and make it fun. Your baby may be more interested in experimenting with the bottle if you present it as a toy.

Use a nipple on the bottle that is like the baby’s pacifier. Put a drop of breast milk on the nipple to encourage the baby to suck.

Try other liquids in the bottle, like juice or water.

Let someone else offer the bottle. This may help as your baby still associates you with breastfeeding. It may even help if you leave the house altogether.

Whatever you do, be patient and don’t turn the process into a battle. We all like to be in charge of what we eat, and babies are no exception.

Finally, if your baby doesn’t come around to the bottle, consider trying a cup – some babies do best skipping the bottle stage altogether!

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