Chinese Medicine and Your Fertility

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Why you should give Chinese medicine a chance

We often recommend Chinese medicine to women who are struggling to conceive. Our experience with Chinese medicine and fertility has been very positive, but many people who perhaps don’t have any experience with this form of treatment wonder why they should try it. There are in fact many reasons to consider Chinese medicine.

Unlike many Western treatments, Chinese medicine does not have any side effects. That means that it can be used to support your overall health even during other types of infertility treatment, without interfering with those treatments. It is, however, always important to talk to your healthcare provider about combining medicines, including Chinese medicines.

The fact that you can be treated with Chinese herbal therapy along with your other treatments gives you two ways of improving fertility. While Western treatments are being administered, your Chinese medicine treatments will be improving your health by ensuring that all systems are operating as effectively as possible, and fertility will naturally improve as a result.

Research has shown that Chinese medicine makes it 3.5 times more likely that a woman will achieve a pregnancy compared to drug therapies developed in the West. There is a wealth of information on the Internet proving that Chinese medicine does boost fertility, just as acupuncture does. This research backs up what we see in our clinic when women dealing with fertility issues are treated with Chinese medicine.

Another reason to try Chinese medicine is that it has been used to improve fertility for literally thousands of years. Over that time, treatments have been refined, and the success of Chinese medicine in producing not just pregnancies but healthy babies—while improving the health of the parents—continues.

Learn more about Chinese medicine and fertility, or schedule an appointment to discuss how Chinese medicine can help you.

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