Circle + Bloom Audio Programs: Fertility Health

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We are partnering with Circle + Bloom, a company that offers guided meditations specifically designed for the various stages of your cycle. Circle + Bloom has created several audio programs to help women enhance their fertility through the effects of meditative relaxation.

If you are looking to enhance your fertility, consider the following Circle + Bloom Programs:

Natural Cycle Program for Fertility
28 days of guided meditations that lead you through each day and happening of a fertile month. Start today to feel in greater control over your fertility success. The program includes 28 unique guided meditations – one for every day in your cycle – to support you in communicating with your body and tapping into your innate ability to create.

Natural Cycle Program

Please click here for more information on the Natural Cycle Program.

IVF/IUI Mind Body Program
Prepare your body and your mind for a successful advanced medicated cycle. This program was designed to be listened to during your medicated cycle and includes 18 unique guided meditations to help produce the healthiest eggs possible, special sessions for the trigger/egg extraction, transfer procedure and getting you through two week-wait.

IVF/IUI Mind Body

Please click here for more information on the IVF/IUI Mind Body Program.

Circle + Bloom is passionate about using the power of the mind-body connection to improve health, well-being, fertility, and energy. These programs can help you reverse the harmful effects of stress. The programs are simple and effective.

Visit the Circle + Bloom website for more information.

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