Consistency Is Key

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In anything we do, if we want to get better, we have to be consistent. “Practice makes perfect”, so they say. This saying holds true in healthcare as well. When you have a goal in mind for your wellness, you need to work hard at it. Whether it is changing your diet, exercising more, or getting the treatments you need through acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage etc. a set plan must be carried out and adhered to, in order to see the results you want.

About a year and a half ago, I started experiencing amenorrhea (loss of menstruation). This was in part related to recent fitness contest preparation, but there was much more to the picture then just that. Luckily, I work in the best place possible to have any sort of female hormone issues. I started going for acupuncture and taking herbs, as well as arranging my lifestyle to incorporate more “down” time. Unfortunately, with all of our busy schedules in clinic, it meant treatments were often sporadic. Rather then scheduling appointments, I would just get treated “when we had time”. Although I experienced some improvements, things were still not “normal”.

After receiving treatments, I had started regaining some menses, but still not regularly, and my hormone levels were still too low. Surprisingly, my partner and I were still able to get pregnant. With the new pregnancy, I tried to get treatments when possible, but again was not being consistent. Sadly, my body wasn’t able to keep up with the added stresses of the pregnancy. My TSH levels rose significantly and my adrenals were completely fatigued. My energy and strength were diminished and my immunity was failing me. At nine weeks pregnant, my body wasn’t able to continue, and we lost the baby.  This devastating event, reminded me how important taking care of myself first and foremost was. I needed to start practicing what I preach to all of my clients.

With the amazing support of my colleagues, I started getting treated weekly with acupuncture and have been consistent with my herbal formulas.  Since the miscarriage in November, I have regained menses, my numbers have improved, my normally acneic skin has cleared, and my energy and overall zest for life is starting to come back. There is no doubt in my mind, that the consistency with acupuncture and herbal treatments at the clinic, as well as my diet/exercise regime, regular massages and self care at home via yoga, and relaxing baths is what has made the difference.

I have now made a pact with myself to do what is best for my body and me first, so that I can then take better care of the responsibilities of the rest of my life. I know for many of us, doing this is hard. But if you want to get better, be healthier, and reap the rewards of doing so, you must be consistent. Schedule in your “me time” like a work meeting and book your professional appointments ahead of time, and when the going get’s tough, just remember, “Consistency is key!”

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