Circle + Bloom Audio Program: Energy for Empowerment

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Research shows that our bodies cannot tell the difference between what we are visualizing and what we are actually experiencing. The implications of these findings are incredible, implying that we can actually retrain our bodies to the perfect state of health by working with mind body meditations that deliver positive messages and relaxation.

We are partnering with Circle + Bloom, a company that offers guided audio meditations specifically designed for women. Circle + Bloom’s Energy for Empowerment program is a mind-body program designed to help the body to find balance, health and energy.

Energy for Empowerment Audio Program
Each of the four audio sessions is dedicated towards a specific element of what generates energy within our body: Metabolism, Endocrine System, Circulation and Sleep. Each session helps utilize the power of our brains to direct and improve these elements.

Each audio session is about 20 minutes long. Each session focuses on a different element of the body: metabolism, endocrine function, circulation and sleep. You can listen to the Audio Program in any order you wish, and at anytime of the day.

Session A: Metabolism
Metabolism and improving kidney, liver and stomach function to improve their overall health. Your kidneys and liver not only remove toxins from the body, but they also help to regulate homeostasis and blood pressure – both key to our energy levels.

Session B: Endocrine Health
Endocrine system visualizations focusing on the balancing of our hormones along with the hypothalamus, thyroid and adrenal glands, with a special focus on reducing of the stress hormone cortisol which depletes our energy. You will also learn how to release positive endorphins, or the “feel good” hormone from your hypothalamus.

Session C: Circulation
Circulation includes visualizations with respect to your blood, oxygen and nutrients ensuring that all parts of your body are receiving adequate amounts to nourish the cells.

Session D: Sleep
This session focuses on sleep. Sleep is fundamental to our health, levels of stress, and energy to accomplish our goals. However, millions suffer from insomnia. The session elicits positive imagery to help you sleep more soundly. In effect, this helps you re-program the way you think about sleep, letting it come on its own easily. Most importantly, you stay asleep while getting the deepest sleep you can imagine.

Energy for Empowerment

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