Fertility Massage

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When a couple makes the decision to start a family, the hopes are always to get pregnant right away. But as noted in the book, “Making Babies” by Sami S.David and Jill Blakeway, “One in eight couples in the United States has trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant – one in three couples in which the woman is over 35, and one in two in which the woman is over fourty”.

That is a very discouraging statistic; however, it doesn’t have to be. By taking control of your health and making small but important changes, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant without medical intervention. Not to say that medical intervention isn’t necessary at times, but by creating a healthy body first, you will make the entire process more successful no matter what route needs to be taken in the future.

At Whole Family Health we combine treatments focusing on diet, moderate exercise, stress reduction, Chinese Medicine, and Massage on a 3-month protocol to create the optimal program for fertility health in couples. We look at how the body is functioning as a whole and work to create balance in both partners’ bodies.

Massage for fertility, in combination with Chinese medicine, has proven to be extremely effective in promoting fertility health and healthy pregnancy’s in many of our clients.

My suggestion is for both partners to come for a massage 6-8 days prior to the female partner ovulating, as this is the time in a woman’s cycle that they are most likely to conceive.

Many think they should be “trying” once the woman has ovulated, but in actual fact, the sperm needs to already be present in the woman’s fallopian tubes, so that when ovulation occurs, there is a better chance for the egg and sperm to meet and fertilize.

Massage is an effective treatment for fertility health because it allows the body to relax by calming the nervous system and regulates stress hormones. Massage reduces adhesions and scar tissue that can be blocking blood and lymphatic pathways, as well it releases toxins from the body to cleanse and rid the body of impurities from our foods, stress and our environment.

Abdominal massage and femoral massage work to bring blood and nutrients specifically to the reproductive organs for better functioning and in turn, increases chances of conception. By setting aside just one hour every month to dedicate to massage for the health of you and your partner, can greatly affect your chances of natural conception and is a great addition to any fertility health plan.


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