Free Talk: Changing the Health of Your Baby Before Birth

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Laying down the foundation of health not only helps your baby, but also will ensure that you are healthy during the pregnancy and birth to prevent any complications.

Whole Family Health invites you to join us for a FREE information session dedicated to promoting your health and the health of your baby! 

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn more about the MANY factors that influence pregnancy health!


Wednesday, September 3
Whole Family Health 6523 111st

Join Dr. Kirti Deol at Whole Family Health Clinic to discuss ways to improve the health of YOU and YOUR baby!

Naturopathic Medicine stresses the concept of preventative care, right from when you decide to have a baby. Preventative medicine for your baby starts at the time you become pregnant. You can start the template for health by following some simple steps to ensure his/her optimal health. Your food and lifestyle choices make a significant impact on your health and the health of your baby, so make the right choices today.
Excellent nutrition is not only about taking the recommended doses of vitamins and minerals, it is about being more mindful about what we eat, how we feel about our bodies, our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves during this journey!

Join us September 3!
Space is limited, please contact us to register!

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