Go GREEN for the Health of You and Your Family

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With the recent 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that devastated North East Japan, the 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand, the floods in South Africa, Brazil, Philippines, Australia and India, and the evident climate change that is taking place world wide,it is clear that the message of environmental sustainability and the shift towards living a “greener” lifestyle is more important then ever. Awareness is spreading, to allow people to, not only make healthy changes for the planet, but changes that can greatly affect the health of each individual.

At Whole Family Health, we all strongly believe in and incorporate green living into our own lifestyles. At our clinic all of our massage oils and lotions, soaps, detergents and all of our non-medical grade cleaning supplies are safe for ourselves, our clients and our environment.

We want to share some of the other simple ways that we have started including green methods into our daily lives, and you can too.


AVOID PESTICIDES by growing your own garden or buying organic. Organic foods are still a bit pricier then the non-organic counterpart, so just be sure to at very least buy peaches, nectarines, pears, celery, apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, green leafy vegetables, raspberries, potatoes and bell peppers organic, as the USDA suggests they are the most potent with pesticides.

AVOID PRE PACKAGED FOODS. Prepackaged food not only create excessive waste, but also contain high amounts of sodium, sugars, and empty calories. All of these additives are proven to cause such health problems as, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer etc.

BUY LOCALLY- When we buy locally, we are not only supporting our local economy, we are reducing our carbon footprint, and getting the most bang for our buck. Non-local produce is picked before it is ripe, which means that it does not contain its maximum nutrient content and lacks flavor. The nutrients we receive from our food are way easier to digest and absorb into our bodies then any synthetic vitamin or mineral you can buy, so buy good quality, local product.

HAVE ONE MEATLESS DAY EACH WEEK. Ex. Meatless Monday or be sure to buy organic meats. Non-organic meats are fed hormones and antibiotics and are higher in fat content, which all relate to many health issues.

USE RE-USABE CONTAINERS cut down on waste by using reusable containers and water bottles. Glass, fabric and Aluminum are the best for your health and are gaining popularity. Some studies suggest that plastic containers cause FERTILITY issues, cancers, and other health issues.


Open your windows and let the natural sunlight in. Save money on your electrical and heat bill, reduce your carbon footprint and gain the multitude of health benefits the sun offers. Sunshine gives us Vitamin D, increases calcium absorption, enhances positive mental health and boosts your mood.


Riding your bike, walking, taking the bus/train, or even carpooling are all great ways to reduce pollution and improve your health. By being out in nature it enhances your mood, reduces mental fatigue, and helps to increase concentration and cognitive ability. By meeting new people and increasing your social interactions you can help ward off depression and improve your mental health significantly. By getting exercise, you improve your heart health and lower your risk for health issues related to being overweight. Also, living in Edmonton, we all know how stressful driving conditions can be, so reduce some stress well you’re at it too.


HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS – a lot of cleaners you buy from the store contain harsh chemicals that can cause headaches, respiratory problems, and enhance other health issues. Stop using these chemicals and replace them with non-toxic cleaners that are ready for purchase at select stores or make your own by using simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. You can find recipes online if you Google natural household cleaner recipes.

CLOTH/REUSABLE DIAPERS – Infections and diaper rash can affect the health of your baby. Using cloth diapers saves on waste, saves money, and helps the health of your baby.

ORGANIC/BIODEGRADABLE TOIETRIES – Most non-organic toilet papers, feminine products etc contain harsh bleaches and chemical that can be harmful to your health and again, create excessive waste. Menstrual cups are a great replacement for tampons and pads. Most conventional tampons and pads absorb all the menstrual blood as well as natural cleansers your body produces creating a breeding ground for infections, a dry uncomfortable vagina, risk of toxic shock syndrome, as well when pulling tampons out it can scrape the lining of the vagina. A menstrual cup is made from non-absorbent gum rubber (latex/silicone) and last up to ten years and cost around 50-60$. They can be purchased at Earths General Store in Edmonton.
These are just a few simple things we do and you can do to improve your overall health, your family’s health, your planet, and help save money. Choose one idea each week to ease you into a greener lifestyle that will last.

Good luck and good health.

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