Happy Lunar New Year: The Year of the Ox

Posted by Dr. Alda Ngo

Legend of the Year of the Ox

The ox, a kind, strong & dependable creature is the second animal in the 12-year Lunar Zodiac cycle.

Legend has it that all of the animals were invited to race one another to the palace, & the first 12 to arrive would determine the order of the Zodiac signs.

The ox was in the lead when the clever rat asked to hitch a ride on its back & the kind-hearted, helpful ox agreed.

As the racing animals approached the palace, the ox was still in the lead. Just as they converged toward the finish line, the crafty rat leaped from the ox’s nose & finished first.

To this day, the rat is the first creature in the Zodiac cycle, & the ox is the second.

The gracious ox is known to have taken the event in stride. Level, grounded & unruffled, the ox stays its course as a reliable creature, generous & steadfast with its work.

The year ahead…

This year harkens the metal ox energies, metal being one of the strongest elements, the metal ox thinks sharply & moves forward with dedication & perseverance. It plans carefully before acting, so this year is believed to be supportive of our goals & aspirations – particularly if we stay the course at a steady & balanced pace, like the ox.

As we move forward from the last pivotal year, may we continue to practice taking good care of ourselves & others. Living & moving with steadiness & balance through this transformative time.

Here are some traditional ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year:

Catch up with family & friends!

Celebrate with red! Wear red or use red décor to invite ripeness & good luck.

Share your abundance with others. As a practice of generosity & gratitude, traditional red envelope with ‘lucky money’ inside or gifts of fruit & sweets are offered to friends & family.

Celebrate with noise! Fireworks are set to ward off bad luck.

Start the year with freshness. Clean & de-clutter your home & wear a new outfit to ring in the year fresh.

Eat lucky foods. Dumplings traditionally bring families together, requiring community effort to make & clear broth symbolizes a fresh, clear start.

What are some traditions you’ve practiced to ring in the new year?

Image: Rosa Bonheur IG @agotoronto (Art Gallery of Ontario)

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