Having Great Sex Beyond Making Babies

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Fertility Acupuncture supports us in optimizing our fertility in a number of different ways. By normalizing hormones through the pituitary-ovarian-hypothalamus axis, nourishing the adrenals to help regulate an overactive stress response and optimizing blood flow to the reproductive organs. In this way acupuncture can also help increase our libido in both men and woman. Through tonification of the kidney meridian which is responsible for the regulation of the reproductive health and our sex drive we can increase the body’s energy levels in general and the libido specifically.

As a practitioner working with couples trying to conceive I know firsthand how stressful the infertility journey can be. The stress of circumstance, mechanical sex having to be timed around ovulation and repeated disappointment can quickly lead to low libido and feelings of alienation for the one you love most.

In her forthcoming book “Sex Again”, Jill Blakeway talks about the importance of foreplay as a way to get Qi to rise, increasing sexual energy and desire, thus making for a deeper and richer sexual experience for both partners. “The key is to involve the whole body in foreplay, and to use all your senses.” I can’t express enough the endless benefits of kissing so to quote Jill, “Kissing creates closeness both physically and emotionally…Kissing, especially tongue kissing, produces not only pleasure but a sense of attachment. The lips and tongue are exquisitely sensitive.” The tongue has an energetic connection to the heart as well and so it’s clear to see how feelings of love and warmth can bloom from a kiss.

Lubrication is also very important for not only pleasure but using the wrong one can interfere with sperm, acting as a barrier, preventing sperm from reaching their destination for conception. We like the product Pre-seed as it is designed for couples trying to conceive. It mimics your natural fluids to create a helpful environment for sperm. Most regular lubricants are not fertility-friendly including the popular K-Y brand. Saliva is also not recommended.

Foreplay in my mind can be broadened to mean any act that creates intimacy within the relationship, acts that create real connection between partners. This can be as simple as making your mate’s favorite meal and expressing a few reasons you feel gratitude for the other. So go ahead make a date and rediscover what it is you love about the person you are in love with.

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