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Eating healthy in the colder months isn’t just about swapping out some snacks for this year’s miracle food. Eating healthy is about making small changes and finding a balance of diet and exercise that fits your lifestyle and your metabolism. Acupuncture can also aid in finding that balance as it is a highly effective stress reliever for both mind and body. For finding balance in your diet we’ve put together a short guide to point you in that direction.

Change the way you shop

Think about the last time you visited the grocery store, did you stick mostly to the edges or did you find yourself spending most of your time in the aisles? Now look at what’s in your basket, is it mostly boxes or whole ingredients?

Small changes in your shopping habits can turn into big changes in the quantity and quality of calories you are consuming. Grocery stores tend to put the unprocessed foods along the outer edges of the store. Not only will these foods be lower in calories, they’ll also be lower in harmful additives, sugars and salts.

Aim for quality not quantity

Counting calories can be a helpful guide to losing weight, but it can also trick you into thinking you are eating healthier than you are. A low calorie yogurt may seem like a healthier choice than a high in fat Greek yogurt, however not only is that low calorie yogurt likely filled with artificial colors and sweeteners, you’re missing out on some important nutrients. Even though it is higher in fat, the combination of the fat, protein and probiotics in the Greek yogurt will help your body feel full longer and burn more calories.

However be cautious this rule isn’t cut and dry, there are many high fat, high protein foods that aren’t good for you. As a general rule aim for foods in their whole form or foods you’ve prepared from whole food items.

Take time to enjoy your food

This might be the hardest guideline to follow. Set aside time for food. That means taking the time to prepare meals, even if it means in advance on the weekends, eat as a family, eat your meals slowly and not in front of the TV.

Eating as a family will not only heighten the enjoyment of your meal, but also encourage you to be creative and dig out a cookbook. Not only is cooking from recipes fun, but they are more likely to call for whole ingredients. And family dinners can be one of the few times in an otherwise busy day that you get to spend time together as family and that can be another important step in achieving balance.

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