Heat & Ice

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Finally some sunshine!  It feels great to have that warmth beating on your face and back.

This reminds me of a little tip in Chinese medicine, most often when people have an injury whether it is acute or chronic a health professional may mention that putting cold on it will be a good way to ease the inflammation. All though that may be true in the very short term if just for numbing the pain, we are after all warm blooded animals. In TCM we like to use more warmth on an injury, cold has the effect of slowing down blood flow and this can be a real major cause of disease. Think about ice in an ice tray, cold congeals the fluids and freezes and stiffens the fluids up. Same thing happens to your blood with the exposure to cold. Some TCM diseases can include cold type arthritis, cold in the womb or uterus, cold in the channels. All of these are and can be alleviated by warmth.

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