The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Posted by BubbleUP Marketing

In college I arrived at school one day assuming it was going to start like any other day only to realize we were starting a new chapter… hot stone massage. I must admit that at first, I was not too thrilled because I always viewed hot stone massage as just some spa treatment that only the wealthy indulge in. Never having a hot stone massage myself, I was in for a true surprise!

Somehow, I managed to become the volunteer for the teachers to demonstrate on. WOW is all I can say. Within moments I was transported to a place of total warmth and relaxation. The tight muscles I had seemed to just melt under the heat and pressure of the stones.

I was so impressed by the benefits the hot stone massage had on my body, I ran out the next day to purchase my very own set of stones.

From that day forward, a hot stone massage has easily turned into my favourite massage to not only receive, but to perform as a massage therapist. The changes I have seen in my clients are extraordinary. Most of my clients find that adding a hot stone massage occasionally to their usual massage routine helped them stay loose, strong and pain free for a longer period of time.

Hot stone massage uses water treated stones to perform massage therapy. The stones are placed over specific parts of the body. Hot Stone massage is said to evoke the inherent “kundalini” energy. If one has any muscle injuries or inflammation, cool stones can be used.

The benefits of hot stone massage is it relaxes the muscles, it helps with stress, and can also reduce pain. This therapy also improves circulation. Hot stone massage is used to relieve the pain of arthritis, it is also used to relieve anxiety and stress as well as back pain and insomnia.

Hot Stone massage is not suitable for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or people who are on any blood thinning medications. You should not use this treatment if you are pregnant or if you have a sunburn.

With the cooler weather approaching, I hope to see you at Whole Family Health very soon so I can show you how blissful this treatment is!

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