IVF- Six week acupuncture program at WFH

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Here at Whole Family Health we support couples on their path to becoming parents. We do this in many different ways including fertility acupuncture, dietary advice, herbal supplements and stress reduction techniques.

We meet you where you are on this path mentally, emotionally and physically.

We have supported many couples through In vitro fertilization and have found the best success comes from both partners being actively engaged in bettering their health for a period of 3-6 months, as this time line follows the genesis of a follicle and sperm regeneration. No matter what the diagnosis or the road blocks to fertility the reality is the genetic material to make a new life come from both the man and the women.

If you have not yet discovered that three months is optimal and just have a short period of time before your IVF, The protocol we suggest is having both partners coming twice a week for 6 weeks prior to retrieval of the eggs and the sperm sample taken. We follow the Paulus Protocol before and after the transfer procedure and then want to see the woman 3-5 days after the transfer is completed. This is the best option for those that are new to acupuncture and are already scheduled for an upcoming IVF cycle. For those that have the luxury of time we recommend the once a week schedule for a longer stretch of time.

There have been several studies showing the benefit of acupuncture treatment with a specific protocol before and after an embryo transfer during an IVF cycle. There are 14 research studies published in the peer reviewed journal Fertility and Sterility. This journal is highly regarded internationally as one of the best sources for Reproductive Endocrinology research studies. These studies have indicated that acupuncture performed before and after IVF embryo transfer has increased the rates of pregnancy by as much as 35-50%. That is a large increase when you add up all the time, money, effort, emotion stress it takes to go through an IVF cycle. Both you and your doctor want you to succeed with conception and acupuncture is a very effective tool to do just that.

Acupuncture is of great benefit by increasing blood flow to the ovaries and uterus to increase fertility potential with IVF, help balance hormones and lower stress levels. It can help improve the quality and quantity of the mature follicles. For men it can benefit the sperm quality specifically the morphology and motility as well as the count.

Most Fertility clinics in the US work closely with a team of acupuncturists as well as the private clinics here in BC and Alberta (Calgary). The research is clear- Acupuncture increases likelihood of conception.


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