Keeping Your Body in Good Condition

Posted by Christina Pistotnik

Finally with summer right around the corner I know a lot of us including myself want to spend more time outside doing fun filled activities, because lets face it there is so little time here in Edmonton that we are able to enjoy those warm days outside.  As apart of being able to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest potential, I know that it is much more satisfying when our bodies are healthy and pain free.  Therefore, I would like to stress the importance of maintaining regular acupuncture, massage, and yoga sessions that we provide at Whole Family Health.

Acupuncture has the ability to provide relief from any physical strain that is placed on the body due to outdoor activities and is well known to help all types of pain due to injury. Pain can come from trauma or overuse causing tears, sprains, and inflammation to the soft tissue of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, ligaments, tendons). Trauma and overuse is a common occurrence when there is an increase in sport activity including: lower back strain from running, knee injuries from hiking/climbing stairs, and shoulder/elbow pain from racket sports. Lets not forget about those avid gardeners putting in long hours and feeling the aches of shoulders and backs from the fulfilling maintenance of planting fresh food and pretty flowers. Sometimes all our body needs is a monthly acupuncture treatment to maintain our bodies physical health and others need consistent treatments to help deal with an acute injury or strain.  Since acupuncture has such a broad range of benefits it can help during all phases of the healing process including decrease in swelling, spasms, and inflammation. As well as increasing range of motion, recovery time, and assisting in pain management.

Massage is another treatment option and works wonderfully in combination with acupuncture to help with recovery from an injury. In addition massage is also great in the prevention of injuries from occurring in the first place.  By receiving regular massage treatments the muscles in your body will be able to perform to the best of their ability so that injury is less likely to occur.  This is because massage benefits the body by increasing blood flow, reducing muscle tension and neurological excitability, and of course an overall sense of well-being.  It has also been known to help with joint range of motion and active/passive muscle stiffness that can result from increased activity levels.

Yoga is another form of physical activity but it can also aid in the maintenance of our bodies wellbeing by increasing flexibility, strength, developing agility, and sharpening mental acuity. Since yoga utilizes almost every muscle in the body it helps to take some strain off of the ones that are constantly being used over and over again. Thus amending muscular imbalances, preventing overuse injures, and warranting longevity.  Also, holding dynamic poses aid in the restoration and rebuilding of connective tissue. By going to weekly yoga classes, this will help to safeguard your body’s ability to participate in other fun summer activities.

Choosing to keep your body in good working condition during the summer months by getting an acupuncture and/or massage treatment and participating in yoga classes will be well worth the time spent indoors and your body will thank you by rewarding you with the ability to spend more time doing the things you love to do outdoors.

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