Maintaining Your Fertility Naturally: the 4 Pillars

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Although the process of enhancing fertility may include health professionals and medical interjection, maintaining and boosting fertility can really be quite simple and is a natural product of good self-care.

Here are the 4 Pillars of Self-Care for helping to maintain your fertility:

  • Health Education and Advocacy: This involves the ability to have access to and understand basic health information and services required to make informed health choices. In educating yourself, you become aware of potential health obstacles and learn when to seek professional help (the sooner the better). The more information you know the more empowered you are to make educated health decisions. To advocate for your health involves understanding your body and being able to recognize when something is needed physically and mentally. Be proactive and preventative in your health interests, and do not be afraid to seek multiple health professional’s opinions. Seeking care from complimentary health treatments such as acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, or massage therapy is an excellent way to manage your health and fertility naturally.
  • Purposeful Physical Activity: Exercise is critical for physical and mental health, and is a proven stress and depression buster. The health benefits of exercise are extensive, and encompass benefitting fertility and mental health as well. Just focusing on movement for even 10-minutes a day is a great place to start.
  • Diet: A healthy and balanced diet is crucial when it comes to a healthy self, and fertility health. Food intake directly impacts the body’s natural ability to regulate hormones and nourish the reproductive system, so it is essential that what you ingest is healthy and balanced. Focus on foods high in antioxidants like dark leafy greens, and eliminate, or avoid, foods with refined sugars, trans-fatty acids, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. Consult a health professional to determine if nutritional supplementation, such as folic acid or coenzyme Q10, is needed. Additionally, learn how to minimize your exposure to environmental toxins to help optimize fertility:
  • Stress Reduction: This involves reducing life stress, and engaging in rest and relaxation habits. Relaxation techniques like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, focused deep-breathing, tai-chi and other stress reducing activities can be greatly beneficial in maintaining fertility and overall health. The body is capable of so much more when it is not in a state of stress, so it is important to recognize stress and learn to manage it appropriately so the negative effects of stress do not become larger issues.

These pillars address factors of fertility comprehensively, and are a great foundation for nurturing positive self-care habits. The fertility journey is one that requires informed and timely decisions to be made, so it is imperative you begin establishing practices of self-care.  Take the time to understand the ways that you can help yourself and boost your fertility naturally.

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