Why and When a Massage is Necessary

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Massage historically began as a treatment for stress reduction, relieving pain, treating injuries, and curing or preventing illness and disease in the body. For some reason, there was a shift in the massage therapy culture, which changed everything. Massage began to be seen by people as more of a luxury, only the elite could indulge in. Unfortunately, many benefits of massage were forgotten.

When talking about massage with people, I am often told, “I don’t need a massage, I am not sore anywhere” or “I’m healthy, I don’t see the point”, or even more commonly, “I didn’t know massage could help with that”. However, it’s amazing to see massage therapy gaining more ground and support in the holistic community again, and more people being educated on the basis of its roots. From babies to elderly, massage has a place in the general health maintenance of our bodies. And it is important to keep up with it, even as a healthy individual.

The first goal with massage is to prevent injury and illness. Massage does this by calming the nervous system, which helps to reduce stress so the body can function at it’s best.

The circulatory benefits from massage therapy allow blood and lymph to flow easier throughout their systems to bring blood and therefore nutrients to each of our cells, and also to flush out the toxins and wastes that our body produces.
Without this process, our bodies cannot generate new cells properly and the homeostatic balance of our body can be thrown off.

Many people think massage only benefits the skeletal muscles of our body, but the cardiovascular system (our heart), gets treated through the circulator effect, as well the visceral (organ) systems performance increases as massage helps move product.

These results of massage prevent the stagnation that can occur in the body, which eventually can lead to illness, disease, and a greater chance of injury. If more people used massage as preventative medicine, it would greatly increase the health of our society. Preventative massage in a healthy individual should be maintained at least every 4 weeks.

The second goal of massage is to treat for a specific issue. If someone is experiencing pain or any sort of dis-ease in the body, in most cases, massage can be used as a great treatment option. Pain and discomfort in the body are signs that some change needs to occur. So, as I said, massage can help to treat an issue, but eventually the goal is to get a person to the point in which, their massage treatments become just for maintenance. Concerns that massage may be useful for are: (but are not limited to)

• Pain management
• Swelling/edema
• Stress reduction
• Reproductive health
• Pregnancy related issues
• Sports/recreational injury
• Scar tissue release
• Digestive complaints

If seeking massage as treatment, the treatment plan can vary according to the severity or needs of the issue. By speaking with your Massage Practitioner as specific treatment plan can be made. A treatment plan for an issue can be as frequent as daily to as little as every 3 weeks, until the issue has resolved itself.

If you have been wavering about the thought of getting a massage, just go for it. Your body will thank you and you will leave knowing you are taking charge of your health.

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