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Most couples in a relationship are under the impression that the women in the relationship are solely responsible for conception issues. This usually means when a first acupuncture appointment is made, only the woman is present. This does not make much sense and needs to change; men are equally responsible if not more in most cases.

Obviously men play a huge roll; their sperm is needed in order to make a baby. Especially when it comes to a couple who are experiencing multiple miscarriages male sperm factor plays a large role. Here is what you can do in order to get started in strengthening your sperms power, shape and size, and how to better balance your body.

It takes roughly 90 days for sperm to regenerate. This means that in order to have optimum sperm quality, men need to start acupuncture and lifestyle changes for 3 months before sex, in order to give the sperm the best chances at being at optimal conception strength.

There are many steps that you can take to make sure your body is on the road to becoming more balanced with a more relaxed mind and stronger sperm health, which means their sperm count, motility and shape can all be effected.

The key timing to treatment if you are planning or have planned and IVF or IUI cycle is to receive acupuncture 6 weeks prior to your deposit.

3 months of treatments and supplementation is a great place to start if you are trying to conceive naturally. At the very least, please start by following some or all of the suggestions below. 

You can start by following these simple suggestions:

• Avoid toxins and limit caffeine and coffee to 90mg/day.
• No alcohol – one of the biggest fertility killers in men , alcohol is toxic to sperm and can reduce the quality, lower motility and increase the abnormal shape.
• No drugs
• Avoid too much heat – this will reduce sperm count and quality, make sure your bath will ony increase your temp by a single degree
• Avoid tight pants and underwear
• Get some stress reduction going in your day to day
• Get some exercise, 20-30min a day
• Sleep – make sure you are getting what your body needs, if not, take a nap

You can start right away by eating well-balanced healthy food as well astaking a well-rounded multivitamin and mineral. Receive regular weekly acupuncture treatments to promote good blood flow, a balanced body, stress reduction. Put a great meditation tape on your ipod, use it when you have a free minute, or better yet, create a free minute, this will all help with stress reduction technique.

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