Message from Dr. Alda

Posted by Dr. Alda Ngo

As is with most transitions – my move from Vancouver last fall was mixed. Although I was sad to leave our west coast community behind, I was excited to know that Edmonton held new adventures. 

It was hard to tear myself away from my Vancouver work family at Acubalance Wellness Centre, an internationally leading integrated clinic. This is where I had nestled in, matured and grown as a practitioner for almost 12 years, mentored by skilful, inspiring and esteemed leaders in the field. 

When I landed at Whole Family Health in Edmonton, I was grateful and fortunate to be welcomed by a lovely community of committed, heartful and motivated practitioners. Transplanting one’s life is always disorienting, yet I quickly felt at home with this genuine and disarming Whole Family Health crew. 

My family and I originally made this move across the mountains, ultimately to be nearer to family. Little did I know that these open prairie skies would truly give way to some expanded horizons..

The time was ripe for change at Whole Family Health. Cecil, after having devoted many years of loving hard work to hatch and grow the beautiful clinical practice, was ready to step away from it and to pass it on. To my delight, Christina and I shared a readiness and enthusiasm to accede to the task.

I feel so blessed and thankful to be partnered with Christina, with her warmth, kindness, and dedication to our field, as well as her long time practising at Whole Family Health, since its beginnings. With our combined 20+ years of practice, Christina’s history and familiarity with the clinic, and my background from the distinguished Acubalance- we are excited to create something special and to continue to grow Whole Family Health into its next stage of amazingness! 

It has been a perfect constellation of conditions that I should find myself in this auspicious position. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, some of the leading experts in the field, my patients and colleagues from Vancouver, from whom I have learned immeasurably- all of whom have afforded me the confidence to move forward with this endeavour.  

Also deep gratitude to Cecil who is entrusting us with his baby – the living, breathing and growing clinic that he has grown from his heart. I feel so lucky and honoured for this opportunity to work and to co-create with the sweet and impressive Whole Family Team, and to extend my professional roots in Edmonton as my family and I settle into our new home here. We are charmed to be living in a wonderful community of down-to-earth folks, under this expansive and limitless sky of possibilities…

With love from Dr. Alda

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