Natural Treatments for Teething

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Teething can be a really difficult time for the whole family. I have treated many infants who have gone through the teething process with much pain and discomfort, crying and lack of sleep. It is no wonder they are miserable all the time. And obviously the parents are not too happy either, first off their baby is miserable, and then add lack of sleep and crying into the picture, trying times!

Then i see parents who come into my office desperate, they have tried it all, OTC medications, Motrin, baby Tylenol, or parents who would like to go the natural root.

So If they are ok with it, i prescribe a herbal infant formula that is tried, tested and true, and i always receive great response from it.

So when I had my first kid, a son, and he started to teeth, which is now, I put him on that formula, and by the 3rd dose or dropper he started to become a lot more calm. I was amazed, and by the second and third day, it was back to normal again, with some maintenance droppers here and there.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are very safe for children if administered by someone who is well trained and experienced at treating children with acupuncture and herbal medicine. They are a great alternative for treatment for anything from ear infections, to teething, and colic to constipation!

Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

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