New Letters Behind My Name, and What They Mean for You

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I am very excited to have some new letters behind my name (FABORM), which means that I am now a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. I am also to excited to be the first in Edmonton with this designation.

What is the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine?

The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine was formed by some of the leaders in the field of Oriental Reproductive Medicine in North America. In their words, “We have recognized the need for a certification to maintain that practitioners who are treating patients with Oriental Medicine in the field of Reproductive Health are doing so with an advanced knowledge and experience, and to allow practitioners to demonstrate their knowledge through the process of voluntary examination.” Their mission has been “to develop core competencies and minimum standards that practitioners who work in this subspecialty should be able to demonstrate.”

So it is not a requirement for an acupuncturist to become a fellow of the ABORM in order to provide fertility treatments to patients, but fellowship with the ABORM demonstrates to both patients and doctors that an acupuncturist is well qualified to treat reproductive health concerns.

What Does it Take to Become a Fellow of the ABORM?

To become a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, an acupuncturist needs:

  • To have been practicing acupuncture for a minimum number of years
  • To complete a minimum amount of continuing education credits in ABORM approved Oriental Reproductive Medicine courses
  • To pass a comprehensive five-hour exam that covers knowledge in both Western and Traditional Oriental Medicine reproductive physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment for both women and men

What Does This Mean for You?

This means that people trying to conceive can feel comfortable that I have demonstrated advanced understanding and specialty knowledge in the assessment and treatment of reproductive health concerns with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Also, I have a general understanding of the tests that doctors perform in relation to reproductive health and what they mean, and I am also aware of signs and symptoms that may require further investigation and attention from a western medical doctor.

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