Nutrition – an Essential Aspect to Your Health

Posted by Christina Pistotnik

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doesn’t only include acupuncture and herbs, but it also includes nutrition. This is because TCM recognizes the importance of what we put inside our bodies in order to maintain health. Nutrition can also be used to treat conditions by adding and subtracting certain foods from the diet.

TCM uses foods healing energy to establish a harmonious atmosphere within the body and using nutrition can be a very simple way to initiate change, restore vitality, and overcome imbalances.

Depending on what the condition is food can be used to build Qi and blood, move Qi and blood, calm the mind, and balance yin and yang energies.

However, no matter what the condition is we always suggest eating a healthy balanced diet that includes whole organic foods. This is because food today has so many chemical additives including pesticides and hormones that the risks outweigh the nutritional benefits. Therefore eating a diet that is closer to nature will positively affect the natural ability to heal and thrive.

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