Optimizing Your Fertility Through Yoga

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Yoga is used throughout the world as a therapeutic way to heal the body. Some use it to reduce stress, where others use it to help recover from an injury or ailment. Yoga can be so versatile as to accommodate whatever we seek from it, which is why this healing practice can help restore the body to optimize your fertile self.

At Whole Family Health we have a unique fertility yoga program designed to help create balance in the body and increase vitality to your reproductive organs. Whether you are just starting to try to conceive or you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or have a specific health condition, this program begins to help heal and bring balance to your body.

Our Optimizing Your Fertility Yoga program is a 12 week program that is broken up into two 6 week sessions. Each class is unique in its design and is carefully planned to include a short discussion on topics relating to improving fertility followed by a yoga sequence specifically designed to stimulate your reproductive organs.

Yoga aids in opening and softening the physical body as well as engages both our emotional and energetic bodies.

Optimizing your Fertility Yoga program provides balance to the body as it uses both the Yin and Yang of Yoga to:

• Reduce stress to increase overall well-being
• Improve blood flow to the reproductive organs
• Balance reproductive hormones
• Regulate immune function required for implantation
• Regulate the menstrual cycle & ovulation
• Improves sperm parameters
• Reduce painful conditions & inflammation
• Increase sexual function

The benefit of using a combination of both traditions is that in a yang sequence the body will receive the vigorous stretch it needs to begin to balance the organs, create and move prana (energy), and to stretch the tight muscles that need to be more open and soft for conception. Where in a yin practice you will receive the more still, relaxing, restorative stretch into the connective tissues.

In addition to these specifically designed yoga sequences, topics such as nutrition, stress reduction, self-care tips, the importance of the breath, and techniques to help balance our emotions and our reactions that come with trying to conceive will be explored. It is our goal to help couples learn the small things that they can change in their day to day lives to help create a fully fertile lifestyle.

At Whole Family Health each of our programs are carefully designed to complement and support the work being done through the different types of treatments you are receiving from your acupuncturist and massage therapist. It is through the combined efforts of each of these traditions that we have seen much success. Whether you are new to yoga or practice regularly, this class is suitable for all levels.

Hope to see you on the mat!

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