Reasons People Do Not Use Their Health Benefits

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It would seem common sense that most (if not all) individuals with health benefits would be taking full advantage of the services and resources available to them in order to achieve optimal health. However, despite the thousands of dollars spent each year on health insurance benefits, the vast majority of people are not using them.

When considering that most health benefits include Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Physio Therapy, Dental and Optical preventative care, it is important to ensure that these services are included when considering options for obtaining optimal health.

Here are some of the main reasons why people do not use their health insurance benefits, and why you should start taking full advantage of your benefits today:

1. People do not know what is included in their health coverage: sometimes it may surprise you to discover what services are available to you. Always check and use them to their full extent.

2. Having to spend money upfront is an expense:  in reality, you are investing in your future health and wellbeing. There is nothing more important than your health, so paying money upfront (that is eventually reimbursed anyway) is really no excuse!

3. Claim process is confusing or time consuming:  whether the claim process is a pain or not, you are still investing in your future self, which makes it worth it in the end to receive the services necessary for your health and wellbeing.

4. If a person is not “ill”, then they do not need extra services and care: it is important to work at staying healthy and preventing future health issues. By using services such as acupuncture, massage, naturopathic, and chiropractic even when you are not in pain or ill, you are practicing preventative care to ensure you do not have a more serious illness or health issue in the future. Further, maxing out the preventative care practitioners helps to avoid the cost of drugs and medications in the future.

5. Employers don’t encourage use of health benefits:  health plans through employers are not “free” either, you do pay into them. You are entitled to these health services; if you don’t use them they cost you money and in reality reduce your take home income.

6. People mainly focus on drug, dental and optical coverage:  in reality, there are a vast range of services available for acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, massage, chiropractic, physio therapy, and much more. These services are necessary to your health and help prevent future health issues from arising, so do not forget about them!

7. Health professionals do not educate their patients on how to best use and take advantage of health benefits: it cannot be overstated that gathering info and educating yourself in order to make an informed decision is the key to being your own best advocate and finding and sometimes fighting for the right resolution to your health issues. Do not be afraid to ask your health professionals about other services available, and always seek multiple opinions if you feel unsure in one health practitioner.

In conclusion, if you have health benefits it is absolutely in your best interest to take full advantage of each and every service available. By doing this, you are looking out for your present and future health and wellbeing and avoiding the negative repercussions of failing to practice preventative health care.

Learn to relax, heal, and achieve optimal health by using your health benefits!

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