Strength Training for Healthy Backs

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Back pain is the second most common reason that patients visit the doctors office or that people miss work each day. It is no shock, as the majority of our society is stressed out, overworked, and unmotivated to make the time for physical activity. Whenever I treat clients for back pain, I suggest stretches, strengthening exercises, and dietary changes to help guide them to better back health as quickly as possible.

As much as I would like to believe that I could cure all with a few treatments every few weeks, it just doesn’t work that way. It is what you, as a client, do between treatments that will make the biggest difference in your recovery and maintenance plan.

Incorporating lots of water, protein, anti‐inflammatory foods, stretches and a whole body strength training workout 2‐4 times a week, will change your body from weak and sore to strong, powerful, and pain free. Below I have provided a plan that anyone can do at home using nothing but your own body and a resistance band.

The exercises shown will strengthen your core, your upper and lower back, your glutes, and your shoulders as well as create more flexibility and a greater range of motion, to treat and prevent injury to the muscle tissues. By strengthening your back muscles you will notice your posture improve, you will stand taller, appear slimmer, and best of all put an end to chronic back pain. Make the time, get at it, and enjoy your new and improved body.

4-Week Better Back Training Plan:

Exercise Reps Sets
Back Extensions 12‐15 3
Seated Rows w/ Band 8‐12 3
Plank Hold for 30‐60 seconds 3
Side Plank Hold for 30‐60 seconds 3 (both sides)
Hip Bridge 8‐12 3
Cat/Cow 8‐12 3
Bird Dog 16 3 (alternating sides)

Do all 7 exercises, one after the other without rest in between. Once all exercises are complete rest for 1‐1.5 mins and repeat whole circuit 2 more times.

Doing these exercises 2‐3 times/week, with a 48 hour break between back training sessions, will improve strength and flexibility, and you will notice your back pain diminishing within weeks.

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