Attentive with clarity & understanding

Posted by Dr. Alda Ngo

Overall my experience with Whole Family Health and specifically Christina Pistotnik has been amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone on the fence about seeking out support. More details below if you’re interested… I first contacted Whole Family Health with hopes they could help me with fertility. I was connected with Christina and started with virtual appointments due to COVID (May 2020). Christina answered my questions with clarity and understanding, she followed up with an email helping me know what to expect in the upcoming weeks/months. After starting acupuncture with her in June 2020, I would contact her with questions around my menstrual cycle and how to interpret doctors notes or test results. Trying to conceive was frustrating and confusing for the first year. Once I connected with Christina it was much easier. She is always prompt to reply to emails between appointments. At appointments she listens attentively and answers all questions clearly. She truly made our journey to conception so much easier. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to follow her suggestions for herbal supplements and acupuncture. I continued to ask questions and use her support and guidance to help. There are so many new things throughout pregnancy, it is so helpful knowing you have someone so knowledgeable and professional in your former. As I went into labour I knew I was as prepared as I could be with the pointers and information from our sessions leading up. Now with my newborn I continue to know I have Whole Family Health to turn to with any questions that arise.
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