Beyond Thankful

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If you are looking for the best acupuncturist for fertility, look no further. Christina is the person you should be going to and you will absolutely love her passion, care, and work integrity. I have been struggling with recurring polyps and for almost three years, I went through 2 surgeries to get them removed, but unfortunately, it ended in countless disappointments with negative pregnancy tests. Just when I was devastated that the doctors told me my polyps returned and that I needed another surgery + IVF given my polyp’s rate of growth, Christina gave me hope. Christina is realistic, empathetic, and a gentle guidance that’s there to nudge you to go a little further when you are feeling defeated. 2 months into my acupuncture session with her, I found out that we’re expecting a baby. I am beyond thankful for Christina’s support and her knowledge in the fertility field. She is truly an intelligent guide who cares about the well-being of her patients. This is rare to find in an individual and you’ll be lucky to have her on your fertility journey.

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