Great support!

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I’m not sure if you know about our miracle that God gave us but I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I saw Christina weekly for acupuncture during my 1st trimester. Things have been very good although I was in the emerg on Thursday with bleeding and cramping…you can imagine I was terrified. Baby is fine and it turns out that there is a subchorionic hematoma between the placenta and cervix with the placenta slightly pulling away. So not ideal obviously…it’s really weird because an ultrasound 3 days prior showed nothing. I’ve been put on bed rest and advised to follow up with my OB. It’s nerve-wracking but we’re hopeful and praying for this little miracle to thrive! I had meant to email you sooner …just thought I’d touch base and also let you know how great it’s been to have the acupuncture support from Christina at your clinic.
Sincerely, SC

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