Top 3 Fertility Podcasts

Posted by Mykayla Sorensen

If you are currently in the midst of your fertility journey, seeking some insight into what the process of IVF is like, or just beginning to get a deeper understanding of your body, these podcasts might interest you!

With more time at home and social distancing, now is a great time to give your regular streaming entertainment a break and switch it up with these fertility and health podcasts.

You’re not alone on your fertility journey

Listening to shared stories about people’s experiences can help ease the stress and anxiety about, knowing you are not alone in this. The great thing about a podcast is that there is something out there for everyone. No matter where you are on your fertility journey, there is sure to be some insight gained from listening to the stories shared. 

Top 3 Fertility Podcasts:

These are my top three podcasts related to fertility education, support, or sometimes even just a friendly voice that “gets it” and their description from Apple Podcasts. 

#3: Mastering Your Fertility 

Episodes: 94

Description: Do you worry you won’t get pregnant, stay pregnant, or have a healthy baby? Infertility rates are on the rise. Women are waiting until later in life to start a family. It is more important than ever to start understanding exactly how to take control of your fertility.

Your host is Kristin Cornett, a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and fertility specialist at Tiny Feet. She dives deep into the true causes of infertility and what you can do to get your health and fertility back on track to support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

You can check out one of the latest episodes here! 

#2: Fertility Friday Radio

Episodes: 299

Description: Fertility Friday Radio is your source for information about the Fertility Awareness Method and all things fertility related. Fertility Friday Radio debunks common myths about the fertility awareness method, birth control, and conception. Learn how to increase your chances of getting pregnant if you’re trying to conceive, and learn how the Fertility Awareness Method is more effective than the pill for birth control when used correctly.

Your host Lisa, founder of, is passionate about women’s health, specifically in the areas of fertility, hormone-free birth control, conception, and pregnancy.

Lisa delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a wide variety of special guests covering fertility awareness, birth control, menstrual health, hormonal health, pregnancy and much more.

This podcast has a huge variety of episodes and a lot to listen to, but this one about the power of abdominal techniques is near the top of my list!

And finally, this is my number one podcast for informative listening about reproductive health and the process of IVF.

#1: As a Woman  

Episodes: 90

Description: Welcome to As a Woman. This podcast is hosted by fertility physician Natalie Crawford, MD to educate and empower women. Each week you can learn about your health, your fertility, and how they relate to your true self. You can become a part of the community fostering collaboration over competition while learning how to authentically find your voice and amplify others as a woman.

There is a lot of information on the IVF process in this podcast especially in the early episodes. The host covers a variety of topics, even covering male infertility. A great place to start is one of the earlier episodes to get a foundational look at the menstrual cycle.

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, there is a conversation out there for you. You can find all of these podcasts on Apple Podcasts for free and easy listening!


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Image: Blanca Miro Skoudy IG @blancamiroskoudy

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