Who Wants Normal Sperm, When You Can Have Virile Sperm?!?

Posted by Christina Pistotnik

Author: Christina Pistotnik

Guys, do you really just want to be ‘normal’? Seriously though wouldn’t you rather be outstanding, virile, and fertile!?! RUUR!!!!

We are constantly talking about the women and the woman’s side of fertility but let’s get real, we all know that it takes two to make a baby. So let’s talk sperm quality!

There is a bit of a crises going on that not many are talking about and that is sperm are on the decline folks! A more recent study involving semen count was published in the journal of Human Reproduction Update and it provides evidence that men’s sperm counts have taken a huge hit over the years.  How huge of a drop do you ask? Well, it showed that semen have dropped by 53% since 1973 (1). These findings were not only close to home either they were of global proportions!

The decline is so bad that WHO (world health organization) has decreased the parameters of what is considered a ‘normal’ semen analysis (2) . Here is a look at what is considered healthy parameters have declined over the years.

Semen Parameters 1987 1992 1999 2009/2010
Volume (mL) 2.0 ml 2.0 ml 2.0ml 1.5ml
Concentration 20 Million/ml 20 Million/ml 20 Million/ml 15 Million/ml
Total count 40 Million 40 Million 40 Million 39 Million
Motility (% progressive) 50% 50% 50% 28%
Vitality (% live) 50% 75% 75% 59%
Morphology (% normal) 50% 30% 15% 3%

Well, Crap! What can I do to improve my virility then?

The answer is having a healthy diet full of anti oxidant rich foods, getting regular exercise, and of course going for acupuncture treatments! All three of these have the ability to positively change your epigenetics (DNA expression). I’m not going to go deep into the role of epigenetics but it basically determines weather the inside of your cells (ie sperm) is healthy or not.  It makes sense that good food and exercise = healthy cells but did you know that acupuncture does too? A 2005 study showed that men receiving regular acupuncture treatments had improved sperm quality especially in the form of sperm cell structure (3).  Things that you should stay away from that negatively affect epigenetics include environmental toxins (chemical and pollution), excess alcohol, and drug exposure.  

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The internationally known urologist Dr. Paul Turek is a male fertility specialists and is also a strong believer in the role of epigenetics. He recommends that all men trying to conceive change more than just their underwear but do a complete overhaul of their lifestyle. His website is one of my favourite male fertility resource that I regularly refer my male patients to visit because it offers a plethora of knowledge to help men trying to conceive and it is hilariously and appropriately named Don’t Cook Your Balls (DCYB). There is also a very helpful test you can take and receive a brief fertility assessment with tips on improvements you can make.

Having access to information and tools like the ones on DCYB, making healthy lifestyle choices, limiting exposure to environmental toxins and having regular acupuncture treatments can put more than that extra pep in your step but give your little swimmers the virility they need to become a father.


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