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At Whole Family Health we practice with traditional Chinese herbal medicine. We treat our patients with these herbs and prescribe them with the knowledge that our patients’ health will improve due to the healing properties of the herbal medicine.  We strive to not only provide the best service possible, but also the healthiest products for our consumers which is why we only purchase tested products to distribute to our patients.

Some recent news has come to light in the public that may shock herbal supplement consumers: a study has shown that possibly up to 60% of the herbal supplements that are being purchased by people have ingredients that are NOT listed on the labels.

Using a technology called DNA Barcoding Canadian researchers tested 44 random herbal supplements and their results we astonishing. Some of the supplements actually contained weeds and plants that are harmful to humans. Many of the capsules tested contained wheat, rice and weeds, while some contained nuts and soy which could be very detrimental to those with allergies or gluten intolerance.

The researchers have concluded that while some of the contamination could be caused by accident (plants and weeds simply being too near to one another), some if the supplements contained absolutely none of the herbs that they were supposed to contain and are speculating that this is because rice, wheat and grass is cheaper to use.

We guarantee that all of your products are DNA barcoded and tested for quality and would like to promise our patients that our mission at Whole Family Health is to promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. You can trust in our products and our mission.

For more information on our herbal medicine and how our products are tested, contact us.

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